Why should I apologise?

Mansoor stands by his comments against Trisha

Actor Mansoor Ali Khan has refused to apologise for his crass comments with reference to Trisha a couple of days ago. The issue, which has snowballed into a bitter controversy, doesn’t seem as if it will die down any time soon. At a press conference held on Tuesday, Khan refused to apologise, asserting that he hadn’t said anything wrong and so there was no need to apologise. “Why should I apologise? What is a rape scene in cinema? Does that happen for real? Rape scenes in cinema are not real. Doesn’t the Nadigar Sangam know about this?” said Khan.

Nadigar Sangam (the South Indian Artistes’ Association) has issued a temporary ban on Khan for his comments. However, Khan claimed that they had made a mistake, not listening to his version of the story. He issued an ultimatum to the Sangam to withdraw its ban on him within four hours. Meanwhile, actors from other industries like Chiranjeevi have condemned Khan’s comments.

@KChiruTweets: “My attention was drawn to some reprehensible comments made by actor Mansoor Ali Khan about Trisha. The comments are dis-
tasteful and disgusting not just for an Artiste but for any woman or girl. These comments must be condemned in the strongest words. They reek of per- version. I stand with @trishtrashers and every woman who has to be subject to such horrid comments.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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