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A heady feeling

Published Sep 20, 2018, 12:06 am IST
Updated Sep 20, 2018, 12:06 am IST
Dhanesh Anand is all set for the release of his upcoming film Lilli.
Dhanesh in Lilli
 Dhanesh in Lilli

Malayalam cinema has witnessed a sea of change in terms of how the audience has been welcoming newcomers and the fresh themes they bring with them. Several talented youngsters have made it to the world of Malayalam cinema. Adding to that list is another new face Dhanesh Anand, whose upcoming flick Lilli is directed by debutant Prasobh Vijayan.

Ever since the first-look poster and teaser video released, viewers got an idea about Dhanesh’s character and the movie promised to be a new experience — a thriller with violence. Dhanesh had always wanted to be a part of cinema. “Acting was a passion from a very young age. Not just acting but anything associated with cinema was my drug. After completing my studies, I worked as associate director in a couple of movies and now I am living the dream of doing a big role in a movie,” says Dhanesh.  


While there were times he wanted to give up on his dream, the opportunity to work in movies like Hotel California with the likes of Anoop Menon, Jayasurya and Aji John, helped him dream again. 

The role in Lilli came as a big surprise and the way we ended up auditioning was peculiar, says Dhanesh. “I was first told there was no role for me. After some odd incidents, I happened to be at the place where the auditions were happening and when the director saw me there, he asked me to try. I made it to the final list and later got to know that I’d be doing the role. I already had an idea about the script of Lilli and knew the character. I am supposed to play a baddy who abducts a woman, played by Samyuktha. Kannan Nayar is my buddy in the film and he delivered a spectacular performance,” says Dhanesh, who knew the members of the cast and was comfortable working with them. 


Lilli is as pulsating and violent as it seems in the poster and trailer. But it is not just about violence, says Dhanesh. It reflects social values. It shows how a woman who reacts to an incident gets treated by society. It also shows how a person can survive and emerge stronger after a difficult situation. 

“I cannot term it visceral but it has got bloody and violent scenes. It was very challenging at the time but I was very well supported by my co-stars, especially Samyuktha, whose character I showed no mercy to in the film,” he reveals. 


Along with the visuals in the trailer, the background score is also very chilling. All in all, the audience is promised a jaw-dropping experience. 

 The movie will hit the theatres soon and Dhanesh couldn’t be happier.

“I was very lucky to have so many great friends who inspired and helped me fulfil my dream. I would like to thank E4 Entertainment Banner and the producers, especially C.V. Sarathi, for the support,” he concludes.