Revealed: How they beat stress

These stars have interesting ways of gaining back their mojo whenever stumped by stress.

Great stardom and fame are unfailingly accompanied by oodles of stress, with the celebrities being scrutinised for every single move these days. It is no wonder then that handling stress has become somewhat of an art, which these Tollywood stars have mastered.

Fitness-freak Prabhas regains his spirit by playing volleyball. The Baahubali star says that he has been playing his favourite sport since childhood. In fact, the game continues to fascinate Prabhas so much that he has constructed a sand volleyball court inside the premises of his house. “I love to indulge in outdoor sports and I make it a point to play volleyball with my friends whenever I can. In fact, catching up over a game has almost become like a ritual to me. I love the sport and play it extensively,” he reveals.

The Sahoo actor, who loves the outdoors, adds, “The sport exercises many parts of the body and improves my reflexes. Of course, playing on a sand court is difficult, but the game also helps in picking up team-building skills and to work well with others.”

Interestingly, Brahmanandam loves clay sculpting as he believes that it is a way of expressing himself creatively.

“Shooting for films day in and day out is stressful, so I resort to my stress busters — sketching and clay pottery. They keep me refreshed. I’ve always had a love for art. Even when my son (Gautham) was a kid, I created a Budddha idol with clay. Recently, Gautham’s friend brought clay, so I’ve started doing it more frequently. I’ve also sketched a painting of both Lord Siva and Vishnu together for Sivarathri,” says the actor.

And who better to give a lesson on how to de-stress than yoga instructor Anushka Shetty? But it’s surprising that it is not yoga that tops the actress’ list of relaxants — Anushka’s true solace lies in spending time with her pets.

“Apart from yoga, hanging out with pets is the best way to spend my leisure time. It relieves me of the stress and brings playfulness and joy to my tedious life. I am an ardent pet lover and my pet is truly my best friend. Whenever I go for an outdoor shoot, I enquire about my pet’s well-being. Since I am not a party person, I de-stress by reading books and spending most of the time with my pet.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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