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Ira dignifies the oppressed

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Published on: March 15, 2018 | Updated on: March 15, 2018

Saiju S.S. can't contain his excitement about his directorial debut Ira.

Saiju S.S.

Saiju S.S.

Ever since the trailer of the movie Ira was released, it has been accumulating lot of speculation and garnering media attention. Following some social media debates on whether the film’s story is based on the recent abduction and assault case of an actress, the film has become one of the most anticipated movies of the year. The film is set to release on Friday and ahead of releasing his debut work, director Saiju  S. S. accepts that he is excited and tensed. But Saiju says they have used certain recent incidents and reactions from the public in the film. The film features Unni Mukundan and Gokul Suresh in the lead roles. "Other than the rumours that roam around the movie, I can tell you that the movie is a romantic-thriller. It has a great script. More than everything, I am very excited that this is my directorial debut," Saiju says.

Responding to the speculation over the rumours, Saiju says, "We have been working on this project for the past two years. Like the title of the film, it dignifies the oppressed. Along the way, lot of things happened in our state and we did add some ‘things’ that the audience can easily relate with. This is just to make sure the movie talks directly. But this is not a direct adaptation of any incidents."  Ira means prey or victim and the teaser and some of the shots in the trailer strengthened the rumours. Saiju has been working as a dubbing artist and associate to director Vysakh. Ira also marks the first production venture of director Vysakh and writer Uday Krishna's Vysakh Udaykrishna Productions.

"I am very thrilled about this movie and the team. Vysakh is one of my mentors and close friend. When screenwriter Naveen John and I approached Vysakh, he was thinking about the production company. He really loved the story and he, along with Uday Krishna, agreed to produce this film under the banner of Vysakh Udaykrishna Productions. So working for this team, with people I know very well was really fun," he added.  "Working with Unni and Gokul was quite an experience. The duo did a great job and their rapport with the entire crew was amazing," he says. The star cast also includes Miya, Lena, Alencier Ley Lopez, Niranjana Anoop, Shanker Ramakrishnan, Saju Navodaya and Nelson.  "Music plays a pivotal role in thriller movies, especially the background score. Gopi Sunder did a great job by composing good melodies and great BGM. It has become an instant hit among the audience and I hope the film does too," adds Saiju, breaking into a smile.

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