Where consent is the key

Dwimukham, a short film by Vipin Chandran and Sachu Tom, highlights the importance of a no'.

YouTube’s Malayalam short film section is brimming with films on infidelity. Many of them are films made by young boys about girls who choose to breakup with their boyfriends for a rich guy. The short film Dwimukham also released among this clutter. A simple film that tries to put across a very powerful point, that a ‘no’ from a woman should be accepted with dignity and it should end there.

Directors Vipin Chandran and Sachu Tom had an important point to drive through. Dwimukham portrayed a small event that takes place between two colleagues. A senior asks a junior if she would like to get involved in a sexual relationship. The junior girl, clearly taken aback, shouts out a ‘no’ and storms out of office. What happens next is what the short film is all about.

Sachu Tom explains “ This is based on an event that was narrated to Vipin by a friend of his. The actual event happened in a lift. Obviously, the person who had asked the question was criticised by the person who was narrating the incident. And this is what got Vipin thinking. All this happened two years ago.”

The duo wanted to shed light on a different perspective to the whole incident “ During the actual incident, the lift was empty. The man refrained from attacking her and accepted her ‘no’. So Vipin started wondering about the positive side to the whole scene. This is how the story developed.”

Sharing his personal opinion Sachu says “ When we look at it from one perspective, the person showed decency in accepting the womans ‘no’ for an answer. And that is a big thing. Most of the rape or rape attempts that we see around us is a result of not bothering to consider a woman ‘no’. Now when it comes to asking a question like this to a woman, I think that is a very personal thing. Given the concepts of the society around us, a question such as this might be a huge mistake.” Sachu and Vipin’s short film has garnered more that 80k views in a week. They are ecstatic at the response “ We were roommates and we also realised we had a common passion for movies and filmmaking. So we had decided that we will some day make a shortfilm together.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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