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Echoing the stories of women

Published Jul 3, 2017, 12:02 am IST
Updated Jul 3, 2017, 12:02 am IST
The upcoming portmanteau movie Crossroad explores the psyche of the female mind.
Movie poster
 Movie poster

From the crossroads, their destination is inching closer. Ten women, familiar and unfamiliar to the Malayali audience, are coming together to portray femininity in a never-before-told fashion. Crossroads, a portmanteau movie, after months of making is hitting the screens towards the end of July. The anthology film journeying through women and their psyche is a new format for Malayalam cinema. 

The movie comes from a collective label called Forum for Better Films chaired by director Lenin Rajendran. “Each film makes an attempt to sketch the contrast in the thought process of the female mind. No two can be found similar,” says Sashi Paravoor, director of the segment Lake House starring Richa Panai. Richa is an air hostess, who longs for her boyfriend, who never comes.


The film is a comeback for actors Padmapriya and Isha Talwar, a debut for an Australia-based theatre person Anjana Chandran, and a graduation to matured roles for former child artiste Manasa. It also marks the debut of a female director Nayana Sooriyan.

Padmapriya's film Oru Rathriyude Kooli has her essaying the role of a transformed woman from the dirty lanes of treachery. Witness to an accident, her life changes for the better. It is directed by Madhupal. 

In Albert's Mudra, Isha appears as a classical dancer. After so many years, she meets a childhood friend. This reunion tale has actor Anjali Nair handling a major role.


Lenin Rajendran's Pimbe Nadappaval talks about a subject that many women still suffer with in silence - physical oppression. Leading lady Anjana is a young girl from an orthodox Muslim family. The plot is set against her wedding and its aftermath.

Manasa is a happy-go-lucky girl in Babu Tiruvalla's Maunam until society spreads a pall of gloom on her dreams when she is forced to join the nunnery.  

Nayana's Pakshikalude Manam has Mythili playing an ornithologist. Her explorations and psychology completes the story. Quotation is Pradeep Nair's movie based on the script by Jayaraj. Punnaseri Kanchana, a veteran, speaks volumes about the vacuum of old age, even while leading an affluent life.


Director Nemom Pushparaj is calling the shots after a while in Kaval. In the story, Priyanka Nair, a soldier's wife, stands perplexed at the unexpected turns in her life.

In Cherivu, director Avira Rebecca and Srindaa show how well a woman can escape danger and safely reach her destination. Mamta in Asok R. Nath's Badar adds yet another iron lady role to her kitty, where she plays a Muslim woman running an elderly care. Before the release, a grand function is planned to introduce the actors.