Tamil film Parking to be remade in five languages

Tamil film Parking has been one of the most watched and talked about Tamil films from 2023. The film has made headlines for its unique story and for bringing out a concept that nobody has seen before. The film is made completely based on the parking issues of most of the public residential apartments and individual houses due to lack of space.

Starring Harish Kalyan in the lead role, the film opened to critical acclaim, and a lot of people who watched the film shared on social media that they could very much relate to the story.

As per the latest reports, the film is all set to be remade in four Indian languages as well as a foreign language. The film is said to have been sold for 50 units to be remade in Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi languages. As per more reports, it is said that the film was made on a budget of ₹3 crores and proved to be a box office head with a good number of profits.

Parking is written and directed by debutant filmmaker Ramkumar Balakrishnan. The cast of the film includes Harish Kalyan, M S Bhaskar, Indhuja Ravichandran and Rama Rajendra. It is produced by Sudhan Sundaram and K S Sinish, under the banner of Passion Studios and Soldiers Factory.

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