What were Dhanush, Karthik doing inside the rooms, asks Suchi in viral video

If you are someone who follows news about cinema religiously, then you will definitely know how Suchi Leaks, revealed startling things about a few actors in the Tamil film industry. For those who are unaware, Singer Suchitra was the one to make controversial statements about a few key actors in the Tamil film film industry and left many doubts unanswered.

Suchi Leaks were mostly about top celebrities like Dhanush, Trisha, Anirudh, and many others where the Singer made comments on their personal lives and accused them of extramarital affairs. Suchitra made these allegations on them without any proof, and this has affected the career of those actors, especially Dhanush.

Suchitra's latest video went on to say that there is something fishy happening in between Dhanush and GV Prakash, calling them gay. She also made statements about Saindhavi and Karthik.

Watch the video here:

And yet again, after many years, Suchitra is back with another set of controversial statements . the singer was interviewed by a YouTube channel and the video which has gone viral, has created a storm. The statements she made about the celebrities has creates ripples in the Tamil film industry.

Suchitra has made unbelievable statements about Dhanush , music, composer GV Prakash, his wife Saindhavi and singer Karthik.

Meanwhile, last night, GV Prakash announced separation drom his wife, which is adding fuel to fire. The statements made by Suchitra have taken the Internet by storm for all the wrong reasont.

Well, we are not sure how far this allegations are true, but undoubtedly these statements from Suchitra are drawing attention from all over, making people really wonder about what is happening in the Tamil film industry. Earlier,when asked about suchi's claims, Dhanush had refused to make comments. Recently, he and his wife Aishwarya Rajinikanth also filed for divorce and we are not sure whether Suchi leaks led to the separation of the star couple.

If these statements are untrue, it is high time that somebody initiate an action on Suchitra for spreading false information. But no celebrity has done it till date. Especially at a time when their carreer is in the peak stage, and just because they chose to separate from their partners, that doesn't mean that the celebrities are at fault. The Nadigar Sangam should definitely come forward to investigate this order, and if needed, ban Suchitra from giving any such interviews.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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