Latha Rajinikanth on borewell tragedy

\'\'We should do this as a society before any calamity happens and take care of children\'\'.

That moment when we all got together through Sujith’s death has taught us many lessons. It has taught us that we can all join and protect our children.

We should do this as a society before any calamity happens and take care of children. That’s why we started the Peace for Children initiative meant exclusively for children and opening centres in each district help to resolve children’s issues. I welcome NGOs and individuals to form a national body for children as well as a State body for Children. We have made programmes based on ground reality as well as technology to create safety measures for children. We have already been on the job at national level by approaching central government. Soon we would approach State government to form this state body of governance for Children. I am making all efforts. I request each and everyone from each street to join us and do what best safety and protection to our children. I feel it is our duty.

I request all the parents to take care of their children’s safety measures. Kids do not know anything. They trust us and go out and play. It is up to the parents to check if they are playing in a safe environment.

Reacting to a question as to how Rajinikanth raected, she said, “Last four days my husband Rajinikanth and I were only talking about Sujith. I was monitoring day and night. He kept on asking for updates. We both felt very sad and loss of words when we heard that Sujith is no more”

Welcoming ideas to overcome and prevent such crisis, she said, “It is not about bore well closing alone. It is about everything that children are associated with. Even a small farmer has some idea for safety measures. We received one such idea from a farmer who was explaining as to how one can save the life of kids who are trapped in such holes with an indigenously made instrument which had a thin iron rod and a ring. Anyone who has such ideas can come forward and share them with us.”

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