I want to work with Rajinikanth: Kalki Koechlin

Kalki Koechlin talks about wanting to work in Kollywood and her live-in relationship!

Kalki’s Waiting with Naseerudin Shah has opened to fantastic reviews worldwide… fuelling rumours of her moving to the west — again! But the actress insists that’s she not keen on packing her bags anytime soon — “I am doing pretty well in Bollywood. Only if I get a great role to perform, will I give the west a second chance. I look forward to doing a French film. A Tamil film would also be a welcome change for me! Shifting to a new place and restarting a career does not make any sense though.”

Ask who Kalki would love to work with in Kollywood, and pat comes the reply — “It’s obviously, Rajnikanth! Who would not like to work with him? Sharing the same screen will be like a dream come true for me and many others who would cherish it forever.” She also has a list of Tamil actors/ filmmakers in mind, “Vikram, director Mani Ratnam, and so on; there are many more brilliant south directors who are on my wish list.”

Kalki further says, “It is commonly thought that only southern lead actors first establish themselves in regional languages and then get a chance to work in Bollywood. But if given an opportunity to work in the Tamil industry, I will break the myth once and for all.”

What does a relationship mean to her? “Imagination, compatibility and honesty,” she quips, adding, “I do also believe in the institution of a marriage — but it may work for some, and not for others. It’s not necessary to continue with this long-term commitment if it’s not working, and makes you uncomfortable.”
Asked about the concept of a second marriage, and she responds — “You never know… you never say ‘no’.”

Kalki is also fond of learning to dance and having children around her; wouldn’t she have to get married then? “Why? I can always adopt kids. Anything can happen, though I don’t have any plans yet,” she says.

Lastly, what about her live in-relationship with Neerja actor Jim Sarbh?
Blushing, Kalki concludes, “No comments, thank you! I want people to know more about my profession… it’s heartening to know that you guys only want to know about my personal life!”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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