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Naughty over nice

Published Dec 25, 2016, 12:00 am IST
Updated Dec 25, 2016, 12:52 am IST
Priya Anand and Ashok Selvan
 Priya Anand and Ashok Selvan

As we step inside   the sparkling Taj Coromandel at Nungambakkam, we are instantly transported into a festive mood. Right from the vibrantly-decorated tree with presents to the snowflakes around us, the surroundings screamed ‘Christmas!’

But this time around, the occasion got a little more special... and a way lot sexier, as the co-stars of the upcoming Koothathil Oruthan, Priya Anand and Ashok Selvan, decide to celebrate with us.

Some sugar, and tons of spice is how we define this heady cocktail of a pairing, as they turn up the heat — as well as the charm —  in this exclusive photoshoot for DC.

It is going to be a special 2017 for both the actors in their respective careers. While Priya ventures into different languages, Ashok manages to strike the right balance between art films and commercial hits. And boy, do we love their camaraderie as well.

Most memorable Christmas celebration
Priya: My favourite Christmas was when I first got my apartment in Chennai and I registered it on Rajini sir’s birthday, which is 12-12-12. That year, we happily set up a tree and that’s the first time we had a Christmas tree at my house. Also, my brother was born on Christmas Eve — so every Christmas is special for us.
 It is also a fun festival as we get to receive many presents and give gifts to our loved ones. I’m now waiting for Ashok’s present!

Ashok: We don’t celebrate Christmas at my house, so us friends would head to  my friend Tara’s place every year to celebrate the occasion and have a ball of a time. Of late, she has been busy and I am missing out on celebrating it though. When it comes to Onam, I go to my friend Ani’s house. Basically, for every festival, we gather at one of our friend’s places and have fun.

On Kootathil Oruthan
Priya: I was very excited after seeing Thegidi and music director Nivas’s wonderful compositions (especially Vinmeen Vithayil) in the film. So, I thought I could do a song similar to that, and Nivas did score a melodic number... but Ashok went ahead and changed his look for the film and it didn’t exactly turn out to be Vinmeen! (laughs). Of course, his character in the film demanded it, but it is disheartening to see a handsome guy in those awkward nerdy glasses. Thank god this photoshoot happened.
I play Janani, a smart lady, and my character is the motivational force for Ashok’s character. Because that’s what most of the Tamil heroines do!

Ashok: Kootathil Oruthan is a story about middle-benchers, which is the majority of the people. The character I play is not exactly who I am in real-life, but, it does have some of my traits. So, I had to be someone else throughout the movie, which Priya didn’t like (winks). It was challenging, yet it was fun too.

Priya: Also, I think Ashok did a very good job as he went outside his comfort zone to pull off something like this. One of the nice things about the movie is that director TJ Gnanavel (who is a journalist) has etched the story in such a way that it is not preachy. He was conscious that the film shouldn’t be over-dramatic at any cost.
Kootathil Oruthan is a feel-good film with a subtle message.  I think people will be able to relate to the story. Everyone usually talks about those who come first and complain about those who are last — but it is also important to talk about people who just sail through life - that is what Ashok’s character is about.

On becoming besties
Priya: We have a lot of common friends, but hadn’t met each other until Kootathil Oruthan happened. Sitara Suresh (line producer of Papanasam and Thoongaavanam) is our mutual friend. I remember talking to her after watching Thegidi and she said, ‘You know what, Ashok is in the car with me’. That’s how we got introduced to each other.

Ashok: When I spoke to her for the first time, I felt that we would do a film together soon. Priya is very inspiring and I ask her opinion when it comes to certain films. She  will always give her honest view and it will be for my best. It has turned out to be true as well!

Priya: After his mother, I am the only person to torture him to trim his beard (smiles). Now he looks good!

2016, so far
Priya: It was horrible! On the personal front, it was terrible as I lost my cousin. I am waiting for the year to end soon.

Ashok: This year was a learning experience for me. I was a part of films like Sila Samayangalil and I travelled a lot.

Relationships and breakups
Priya: I am not good with break-ups and link-ups either. On the other hand, Ashok has asked me out and I will decide only after the response to Kootathil Oruthan (jokes).

Ashok: No comments… (We hope that something is brewing in his life)
New Year plans

Priya: My entire family is here from the US, so I am going to spend time with them. I don’t get to see them often, and Christmas and New Year is the best time to be with them. Everybody, please don’t drink and drive. If you plan to get drunk, please do book a room with your friends and have a slumber party.

Ashok: Usually, I party with my friends. This year, I am still figuring out my New Year plans.

What’s In store next year?
Ashok: I am excited about Sila Samayangalil’s release, as it has been getting good responses from international film festivals. Also, Kootathil Oruthan is on the cards.

Priya: My Malayalam launch (Ezra with Prithviraj) is releasing in January followed by my Kannada launch (Rajakumara with Puneeth Rajkumar). I am doing Fukrey 2 with Vishakha Singh as well. I may do a Telugu film. So, I’ll be working in five languages in 2017!

Rapid fire 'Priya'

1.What do you like in Ashok?
I like the fact that he is always trying to be different and really considers acting to be an art. There is nothing methodical about it.

2. What do you hate about Ashok?
I must say, it’s his timing sense. But, I think he has worked on it now.

3. What gift would you like to get from Santa this year?
A dog! I already have one — and only when somebody gifts me a pup will my mother not shout at me!

4. What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?
So many! When I was in school, I deliberately missed my half-yearly exams. Only after it got over, the school informed my mum!

5. An actor who you would like to shake a leg with...
Ah, I don’t like dancing at all. I think my don’t-want-to-dance list is more than the people I like to shake a leg with.


1. What do you like in Priya?
I like how she genuinely cares for me. Apart from this film, she is concerned about my career and life.

2. What do you hate about Priya?
She is always on time, which irks me often.

3. What gift would you like to get from Santa this year?
I miss my beard, so I would want only that and nothing else!

4. What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?
I’m getting nostalgic and I think it’s better that these incidents stay with me. (laughs)

5. An actor who you would like to shake a leg with...
I’m bad at it, but I’d like to dance with Tamannaah and Shraddha Kapoor!



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