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Ajith sir nailed it: Siva

Published Jul 25, 2017, 12:00 am IST
Updated Jul 25, 2017, 12:22 am IST
...says director Siva, excitedly. Ahead of Vivegam’s release, the filmmaker talks about high-octane stunts, a new genre, and thala ajith of course!
Ajith and Kajal in Vivegam.
 Ajith and Kajal in Vivegam.

Over the years, Ajith Kumar has undergone several surgeries, including the one on his knee and shoulder, when he was badly hurt while shooting for his previous flick Vedalam. His physical transformation for his upcoming international spy thriller, Vivegam, has been age-defying and incredible. Director Siva, who teams up with Thala for the third time in a row, reveals that the actor’s beefed-up look is real and does not involve computer graphics. He simply adds,  “Ajith sir nailed it!”
Siva talks to DC about the film, which explores a unique genre in Tamil cinema, Ajith’s punch lines, Kajal’s intriguing role, and why Akshara Haasan was brought on board, among others.

Third time’s a charm
I can explain our collaboration in one word — compatibility. Ajith sir and I respect and believe in each other’s hard work and that’s the key to our success. We don’t strategise in advance, but only focus on the project that is under production. Although, on the sets of Veeram, he did say that we would collaborate in more films.


Attempting a new genre
Vivegam is an international spy thriller and I have explored a fresh genre in it. It will not only be a treat for Ajith sir’s fans but also a new experience for general audiences. Ajith has taken on a novel avatar and the film has plenty of his ‘mass moments’. Of course, it will travel with the flow of the events in the film. There’s a beautiful message towards the end — never give up no matter how much you are pressurised! My hero AK (as he is addressed in the film) has a strong and positive attitude in life.


Mystery around his name
He is not addressed AK because of his real-life name. AK has a different abbreviation in the film and I can’t reveal it at this point, as I don’t want to spoil the suspense.

‘Life lesson-worthy’ punch lines
The movie features several thoughtful and emotional dialogues, which we  come across in our daily lives. I can disclose one — ‘Ennam pol vazhkai!’ Ajith sir says this line at a crucial segment.

All said and done, what is phenomenal about Ajith is that whatever I write, he enhances it in his own style and delivers it with ease. It will have an emotional connect and audiences will be able to relate to it.


NERVE-wracking stunt sequences
The subject demanded high-octane stunts like hill climbing, high speed running, bike stunts, working on hill tops with low oxygen levels, etc. When I narrated the script, Ajith knew what kind of physical agility was required for his on-screen character, AK.

Despite his surgeries in the past, he was game for it. He is an intelligent actor with sharp reflections. He took rehearsals and prepped himself even before the shooting commenced.  He was ready to put his life on the line and performed the risky stunts without a body double.


Kajal plays a traditional NRI
Kajal plays Ajith’s wife, a traditional  NRI. Rather than calling it chemistry between the lead pair, I would say that it’s the script-driven emotional connect they share in the movie.

She has an interesting role and was excited when I narrated the script to her. She is a fantastic actress who translated her excitement on to the screen and has delivered a good performance.

Akshara — the perfect fit for the script
I needed a girl who had been brought up abroad with an international look for the role I envisioned.  I had her in my mind when I wrote the script itself! It is not the regular heroine type of role for her. She has plenty of scope for emotional acting. I am very happy that she fit the character perfectly.


Comedian Vivekh to turn villain?
No, not at all! He plays Ajith’s friend and has a demanding role. Interestingly, Vivekh sir agreed to come on board within 15 minutes of my narration. He is a very cooperative and an understanding co-star.

A musical high
Anirudh is a livewire and a musical wizard. He is spontaneous and ready to experiment with all kinds of genre musically. His work is exceptional.

My team is my strength
The movie is the result of a hardworking team — right from Ajith sir to the last person who worked for it.


Ajith’s success quotient
Ajith is honesty personified. He is honest to himself, his staff and people around him, which perhaps is his success mantra.