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Entertainment Kollywood 24 May 2018 How dare they shoot ...

How dare they shoot at people?

Published May 24, 2018, 12:00 am IST
Updated May 24, 2018, 12:12 am IST
Police action to fire directly at people seemed excessive and TN’s film celebrities stand united in condemning the deaths from firing.
Other top actors and actresses also registered their views through their social media handles.
 Other top actors and actresses also registered their views through their social media handles.

Film celebs are often accused of using their social media account for commercial purposes to promote their movies or events. However, from Jallikattu protest of 2017 to the Cauvery issue, they have been posting messages for a cause on their twitter and Facebook handles, proving they too are socially conscious people.

They have raised their voices in unison at the killing of innocents in the police firing in Thoothukudi on the 100th day of anti-Sterlite protests. Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan, who have already entered the political arena, came out with the strongest views against the government in the issue, speaking without mincing words. Kamal also visited the hospital to console those who were injured in the police firing.


Other top actors and actresses also registered their views through their social media handles. In an unfortunate turn of events, the top stunt master Sliva, known for his work in Tamil cinema, lost his brother-in-law J. Selvaraj to police firing. He took to his twitter handle to express his emotions. “With profound grief, I share that I lost my b-in-law Selvaraj to this ghastly police firing in Tuticorin.”

In a strongly worded statement, Vishal said, “I strongly condemn the brutal killing of innocent lives during the ongoing Sterlite protest in Tuticorin. My deepest condolences! The protest is done for a social cause not for personal goals. If 50,000 ppl are protesting against Sterlite, it means there is unity among ppl to stop something, which is against the welfare of the people of Tuticorin.

He asked PM to break his silence. “Dear Prime Minister, please break your silence at least now. As BJP says, Protest is a form of Democracy, why can’t people do the same. Government is supposed to be “For The People” & not otherwise 2019 please be aware!!!

Suriya in said in statement, “People have been fighting against these Sterlite factories, which has been causing severe health hazards for the last 25 years and not of late. It is a project rejected by Maharashtra government because of its health risks and why would Tamil Nadu government accept it? If people come to the streets and protest, why can’t the government gives a patient hearing? By taking advantage of law and power in hand, they should not act against them.  After all, they are fighting for their livelihood and not for anything else. We strongly condemn the violent act by police and deeply saddened for those who perished fighting for the cause.” His sibling Karthi also expressed similar views through a statement.

Siddharth who would always be the first one to react said, “Each and every bullet in the chests of dead protestors will come back to haunt this sham of a government in Tamil Nadu. Deepest condolences and prayers for the murdered innocents and their families! What a dark day in our history!”

GV Prakash shares his anguish on the shocking incident. “It was an inhuman brutal act against common people who have been fighting for a cause. Who gave them to authority to shoot at people? I strongly condemn this and the government and police should answer for this ruthless act.”

RJ Balaji has posted, “What happened in Thoothukudi is absolute shock. Shooting of innocent people by police is such a shame. Some of our own lost their lives. Sad to see people peaceful protests ending in violence because of fringe elements. God be little more kind to Thoothukudi and all of us in Tamil Nadu.”

Director Karthik Subbaraj, whose movie Mercury dealt with environmental pollution and mercury poisoning, has tweeted and expressed his sadness over the Tuticorin Sterlite issue. He wrote, “Shocking n Horrible!!.... Feeling really sad for innocent people shot dead by the Police... Really scary about our Rulers and their governance & Some Corporates are more evil than we can imagine!!”

Arvind swamy said, “Deeply saddened to hear about the death of protesters in Tuticorin. My condolences to the families and those affected.

Kalaiyarasan in his tweet posted, “Badly upset n extremely angry on seeing the things happening. Always the normal people get affected n killed for all the issues. People on the top are always safe. Left without words to express the pain going through. Worried not able to do anything.”

Lakshmi Ramakrishnan took to her twitter and wrote, “Unfortunate, prayers for the families. Hope justice prevails, innocent people getting killed, not able to digest, totally devastating!”

She also added, “Original protesters whose demands are genuine say they never indulged in violence & they will continue peaceful protests!!! Then, who pelted stones on police & set fire to their vehicles? A rightful, peaceful protest was damaged and diverted? So many innocent people affected!!”

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar was shocked to hear what happened. “The whole idea of a peaceful protest is to ensure that no one gets hurt and yet so much violence.. Innocent people shot. Shame on TN government! It’s truly a black day. Prayers and strength to the families of the victims. Change needed.”