Suchi's cryptic tweets create controversy

The singer's posts seem to target actors Dhanush, STR and spiritual leader Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev for unclear reasons.

A few months back, stand-up comedian, actor Karthik Kumar grabbed everyone’s attention with his Facebook post ‘Confession of a failed actor’ on his decision to quit films. Now his wife and popular playback singer, Suchitra, has stirred up a hornet’s nest. Suchi recently posted a series of controversial tweets with references to Isha Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and remarks on actor Dhanush and STR — in the most random of Twitter rants!

It is unclear as to what her ultimate grouse is, and those who read her updates were clueless. Nevertheless, her daring tweets shocked everyone. In one of her early posts, she dragged Isha Foundation head Jaggi Vasudev and pointed out that she has twice the number of followers compared to him.

Photo of Suchi's bruised handPhoto of Suchi’s bruised hand

Later, one of her tweets suggested that there’s going to be a sex scandal explosion at one of the major ashrams near Coimbatore. She stated, ‘’Sombdy would also like me to warn my followers about a huge sex scandal that is about to erupt in an ashram near Coimbatore. Please stay safe.” (sic) We are not sure if she refers to the Maha Sivarathri night on 24th, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi will unveil a 112-feet tall face of Adiyogi at the Isha Foundation.

Then, Suchi’s updates got weirder — “This is Suchi, I’m back. Im safe and I’m ready to tell everyone what a lousy game Dhanush played. No imagination. Paavum. Simbu you’re it.” (sic)

Apart from this, she even posted a photo of her bruised forearm and seemed to suggest that it was due to the rough handling of Dhanush’s team! She also wrote, “Sorry buddy — disqualified. I didn’t want to out this Dhanush, I always play fair. But Sadhguru JV won’t stop messing. So war, it is.”

“This is the ultimate truth. I was attacked and everyone was told to not help. Thanks bro (sic),” she said and also stated, “Simbu is the winner #Shambo”
Though it initially appeared as though her Twitter account had been hacked and fallen into the wrong hands, a close source to the 34-year-old singer rules it out. In the scenario, Suchitra herself the best person to clear the air surrounding her posts on twitter. However, several attempts to reach the singer proved futile.
Meanwhile, when contacted, Suchi’s husband and theatre actor Karthik Kumar responded that it was a personal medical issue, and that he couldn’t comment on it anymore.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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