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I don't discuss scripts with dad - Akshara Haasan

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Published on: October 22, 2020 | Updated on: October 22, 2020

Humbled by getting a female-centric role, she says

Akshara Haasan

Akshara Haasan

Akshara Haasan talks to DC about a range of topics, including her unconventional role in the female-centric Achcham Madam Naanam Payirppu, nepotism, and her attitude towards politics.

"AMNP is very special to me and travels on a totally different path. I am so humbled to bag a strong female-centric role early in my career," Akshara begins the conversation.

The young actress plays a Carnatic singer named Pavithra in the film dealing with the generation gap and societal prejudices, and directed by Raja Ramamurthy. She admits that she had to learn the nuances of the character and prepare in advance for the shoot.

"Unless I am 100 percent convinced, which I was when Raja Sir gave the script narration, I would not give my nod. So, I was very confident that I would pull off this role. Basically, I am a director’s actor and just followed what Raja told me to do." She adds with a smile, "I could also relate to Pavithra, which helped me."

 Ask her if she discusses scripts with her dad Kamal Haasan, she quickly responds, "No. I don’t. All decisions taken in my life are my own. If I am uncertain about something, I look up to him. And with his vast experiences, he is always there for us anytime. When I told him I have opted for ANMP, he was happy."

 Though she stays with her dad and watches his political career, the Shamitabh actress asserts that she is not inclined towards politics. "If you inherently know something you didn’t want to do from a young age, you have the answer there. I have no interest in politics. The least I can do is just encourage him and be proud of him as a daughter," she says.

When the topic shifts to nepotism, Akshara expresses the opinion that she should stand on her own feet. "I have not experienced nepotism. I have a father who’s proud of his daughter and like any other parent, will help his child and I will help my father. We are given the freedom to do things on our own. We should learn things on our own rather than constantly following someone else's experience," she stresses.

Director Raja Speaks......

Achcham… is a never-seen-before story in Tamil cinema. I chose Akshara as she has an innate vulnerability. The film has less dialogues and Akshara did a great job by taking forward the story through her eyes and body language. I did my filmmaking course in the US. Hence I followed their pattern like shooting only what’s required. You will see a new way of storytelling.

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