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‘Old classics lose sheen on remixing’

Published Oct 23, 2019, 12:00 am IST
Updated Oct 23, 2019, 12:00 am IST
Vishal says he has musically touched lot of dimensions in Vaibhav Reddy’s upcoming flick Taana.
Vishal Chandrashekar with wife singer Sinduri
 Vishal Chandrashekar with wife singer Sinduri

I am not for remixing old classics, the soul of the original will be lost if you do so,” says music composer Vishal Chandrashekar who was acclaimed for new sound and music in the recently released comedy caper Jackpot.

Vishal, who has done several commercials and composed for hundreds of short films and also Naalaya Iyakkunar season shows, turned an independent film composer with Santhosh Sivan’s Inam and garnered a lot of attention.


Says Vishal, “I did films like Appuchi Gramam, Savaari etc. and it was Siddharth’s Jil Jung Juk which gave me an identity. The promo song ‘Shoot the Kuruvi’ by Anirudh went viral and gave a big boost to film. As a producer Siddharth also gave me lot of freedom.

Jackpot was very challenging in a sense that it is a fast paced comedy and without any break. The colourful intro song of Jyotika was appreciated by many and Jo madam loved it.”

Vishal says he has musically touched lot of dimensions in Vaibhav Reddy’s upcoming flick Taana.  The music has to be quirky, as the lead protagonist’s voice will change to female voice whenever he undergoes any kind of emotions like joy, sadness, anger etc.  In that way I have attempted at a different tone.”

Talking about remixing evergreen number, he asserts, “I composed a song for one of my albums which sounds like a ‘70s number. I myself remixed it later. I believe remixing that way. According to me when you remix a song, the soul of the original will be lost. Instead, one can ‘re-master’ a song to enhance the quality technically”.

He may have the looks to turn an actor but Vishal says he is happy behind the scenes than coming in front of the camera. “Music videos are okay. But I don’t intend to foray into acting.” He says about his singer wife Sinduri, “ We met at Orkut. I called her to sing for a jingle. I was impressed with her voice. The second day, I proposed and the third day she gave her nod. She is very supportive and encourages all my endeavours. She has sung ‘Nee Mayakkura’ song in Taana.”

Unlike other music directors who travel to hill stations or locales abroad to compose tunes, Vishal says, ‘home sweet home’ is his policy. “The best place for me is my home.”

On future films he says, “I am doing Kalidas, which is a thriller. Bharath plays the lead, and it is musically important. There’s also this Sinish’s film with Anjali and Yogi Babu. It is a ghost film. I am also working on a Telugu film with Naga Shourya.”

Ask him about his hairstyle and he says, “Great poet Thiruvalluvar is my inspiration for my hairstyle and beard (smiles).”