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This newcomer plays a bold Madurai gal in her debut film Balle Vellaiya theva opposite Sasi kumar...

Tanya Ravichandran, the granddaughter of the iconic actor Ravichandran, is the new girl in K’town, making her acting debut with Sasikumar’s Balle Vellaiya Theva, which is gearing up for release on December 23.

“I play the role of a bold Madurai lass called Thanikodi. I have learnt the local slang for the character by interacting with the people of Madurai,” Tanya states, who has also dubbed for the role. “Not only this, I will be dubbing for all my projects in the future,” she beams.

Whenever she would have trouble with the Madurai slang, Sasikumar would come to her rescue, she says. “He was really helpful on the sets. I didn’t feel like a newcomer. Once I had a problem with pronouncing a word in the local slang, and he immediately stepped in to suggest how it could be pronounced better.”
Tanya says she had always wanted to become an actor — “I’ve loved acting ever since I began watching my grandfather’s films. But, I had to graduate first, before I could try my hand at acting.”

She further adds,“I want to work in all kinds of films and I am looking forward to exploring different roles.” When probed about sharing her aspirations with her grandfather, she quips, “Not much, but once, he did ask me if I was interested in acting and I told him that I was.”

Tanya has donned the greasepaint even before Balle Vellaiya Theva though. “I have played a pivotal role in Radha Mohan sir’s upcoming film Brindhavanam. I joined the sets of BVT only after wrapping it up,” she reveals. However, she refused to reveal more about her role in Brindhavanam, and signs off.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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