Hey, do you speak Kiliki?

Rajamouli to launch ‘official’ website of the Kaalakeya lingo.

The quirky ‘Kiliki’ language spoken by Kaalakeya tribes in the film Baahubali received widespread appreciation. It was popular lyricist and screenwriter Madhan Karky who created this fictional language. And now, director Rajamouli is launching an ‘official’ website of the Kiliki language - Designed by Karky Research Foundation and the LIFO team, it will be accessible from 21st February, ‘International Mother Language Day’.

Talking to DC, Karky, who also wrote the dialogues for Baahubali, says, “I coined the Kiliki language spoken by the Kaalakeya tribe in Baahubali based on my experience of creating ‘Cliq’ from scratch in Australia. Rajamouli didn’t want to categorize the Kaalakeyas as being a part of any clan or ethnicity, but wanted to project them differently and come out with a distinct language for them. So, when I completed the first part of the task, which took two years, I thought Rajamouli would be the apt person to launch it. I went to Hyderabad and walked him through the entire website. He was very excited and typed his name and tested it. He was very appreciative of the effort that had gone into it. He was also curious about Kiliki fonts and numerals. He will unveil the website on an online platform.”

So, where can you apply this language, we ask him. “This is the initial stage of research. As of now, I want people to learn it and converse in it and have fun. Learning a new language is always a great experience”, Karky says with a smile. The research is scheduled to continue for the next five years.

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