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I’m better off in front of the camera, says Rakul Preet Singh

Published Jan 19, 2019, 12:00 am IST
Updated Jan 19, 2019, 12:07 am IST
One should worship your body. I eat correct. Fitness is only 20 percent and eating is 80 percent, Rakul Preet Singh said.
Rakul Preet Singh
 Rakul Preet Singh

Rakul Preet Singh has been in the news most recently for her bold and daring reply to a netizen who trolled and slut-shamed her on social media. She was in the city for the promo of her upcoming flick Dev, where she shares screen space with Karthi for the second time after Dheeran Adhigaram Ondru.   

The actress shares her experiences working with the star siblings, her headstrong, opinionated Meghna character in Dev, on her Bollywood stint, her reasoning for her reply to the sexist troll, her keenness to work in Sridevi’s biopic and playing an alien in Sivakarthikeyan’s sci-fi film. 


Karthi and I are poles apart in Dev:  
Dev is a love story.  A very different role! Meghna is a headstrong, opinionated girl. She has made a name for herself.   She is a multimillionaire who worked hard to reach where she is. She is quite a task at times to deal with, which is correct as far as she is concerned.  But at times, as Rakul, I felt Meghna is wrong and unreasonable (laughs). But she is justified in her act. It is a travel story of two different people. Karthi’s character is very adventurous and Meghna is a workaholic. And it is the love story of these two diversified characters and the challenges they face. I enjoyed it a lot, as hers is a layered character where you get to play so many emotions. Looking forward to it. 


Director Rajat’s choice was only me: 
This film was referred by Karthi and he asked me to listen to the script while we were doing Dheeran Adhkaaram Ondru as the debut director had only me in mind for the female lead. When I heard the narration, I loved it as it had scope to showcase myself differently and hence I okayed it. I saw Rajat was so passionate about his writing and work. 

Didn’t connect except workaholic part: 
The only thing I could connect to  with the character was the ‘workaholic’ part. Yes, I am a workaholic and the rest I am not and at times Rakul felt like slapping Meghna as she irritates the hero. 


Wanted to give back to the guy who trolled me: 
 It is something that upset me. First of all, the picture was taken without my knowledge. I was not even out of the car.  
(Sharing a photo of Rakul seen in hot pants, the netizen had poked fun ar her saying she had forgotten to wear her pants after having a ‘session’ in the car.)
And somebody is writing this. Actually, the tweet I had replied to was not for the one which was posted earlier. It was pulled out within minutes, which was even worse. I can’t even use such language. For me, it is one of those days when I wanted to give it back and make the guy to keep quiet. Wanted to tell him that you also have family and what if people comment about them like this. If he had had a good upbringing, he would not use such words. Also, I am sure that guy will never write anything like this in future. Apparently, he has deleted his account! I may get a little bashing. But, this will stop for many more girls. Leave out I am a celebrity, as a girl you can speak for yourself.


Balancing between languages: 
When I signed Dev and NGK, they almost happened together and when I signed Ajay Devgan’s Hindi film, it required a lot of preparations. 100 days of shoot. I had to lose a few kilos and learn a few skills.  The film is complete. She is from US, independent girl, westernised and modern and so it worked. Then I signed Sivakartikeyan’s sci-fi film. I was just looking at scripts. As an actor, I just look at good scripts irrespective of Tamil, Telugu or Hindi. I just look forward to go to sets every day. That’s my intention. 


Migrating to Bollywood:  
We are all in films. There’s no segregation like Kollywwod, Bollywood or Tollywood. There are great examples of those who made it big in B’town. Sridevi ma’am from the south made the biggest mark in Bollywood. Tabu and Taapsee have made a mark for themselves in Hindi. 

Exchange of cinema has always been happening. There were remakes being made.  There is always talent exchange like directors, cinematographers, musicians happening as well. 

Keen to work in Sridevi biopic: 
I love to do biopics.  I haven’t thought whom I can play. I loved Mahanati and it greatly moved me. Such great stories need to be told and those people should be celebrated.   (Now Boney Kapoor is planning to make a biopic of Sridevi’s life, we remind her.) “Of course, I would die to do it if I get an opportunity.”


Staying fit: 
Being conscious about one’s health – people say that we live with this life partner. You live with your body first and that’s the place you reside. Lot of people don’t take care about that. So what you eat is going to matter down the line and how you treat yourself.  One should worship your body. I eat correct. Fitness is only 20 percent and eating is 80 percent.  

Web series: 
I don’t mind giving it a try, if something comes up exciting. 

Will you get into direction/production: 
No, I don’t have that kind of money to produce a film. Neither, I am that creative enough to direct a film. I always feel I’m better off in front of the camera.


On working with brothers Suriya and Karthi: 
It’s a great experience working with both Suriya sir in NGK and Karthi. I am a big fan of Suriya sir. I have heard lots about Selvaraghavan and how he extracts the best from artistes. He pushes the envelope. The role in NGK is in dire contrast to what I do in Dev. Both are extremely talented and fun to work with both Karthi and Suriya and their upbringing shows.