Hang all rapists, says Jayam Ravi

Actor's new movie takes on the topic of sexUAL abuse and brutal crimes against women.

“Extreme punishment should be given to rapists and sex offenders than how it is being dealt with in our country in the present context”, says Jayam Ravi. “Not only on a personal note, this is what I advocate in my upcoming film Adanga Maru.” His latest film deals with the topic of sex abuse and brutal crimes against women.

The movie is directed by Karthik Thangavel and produced by Ravi’s mother-in-law Sujatha Vijayakumar. Sources say the film might run into controversies due to its debatable content, but the Thani Oruvan star is unperturbed and asserts he would face the consequences. Raashi Khanna will be seen in a substantial role in the film which is hitting the marquee on December 21. In an interview Ravi speaks to DC.

What’s Adanga Maru all about?
The movie deals with the topical issue of sexual abuse and brutal crime against women – rape. I essay an innocent cop who gets into the police department without knowing anything about the inner politics. The cop is not allowed to discharge his duties in a straightforward manner by his higher-ups. Though I have acted as police officer in Thani Oruvan and Bogan, this one is totally different. There are eight villains in the movie.

Ready to face controversy:
The judiciary should pass stricter laws to punish rapists than how it is being dealt with now. Even if the film runs into controversy, we are ready to face it. Right from home the children should be brought up inculcating good values. Normally elders in the family tell a boy ‘boys don’t cry.’ But I raise my sons telling them ‘being a male, don’t make girls to cry’. I am not saying this for publicity sake. I mean it and my film also imparts the same, which I feel is very important.

Of late, you have been experimenting in terms of content and looks. What can we expect in Adanga Maru?
Yes, I appear with thick beard in the second half of the movie. And there’s a reason to it, which will be revealed later. The AM format is commercial. But how it is presented that makes all the difference. You can’t guess what would happen next. It is an edge of the seat thriller.

Normally, heroines in your films are given good space. How about Raashi Khanna in Adanga Maru ?
Rashi has enough bearing in the script. She plays an interior designer and mature character. Her character will travel throughout the film.

Most of your films are sans smooching or close romantic scenes. Comment.
I have a family hero image. In today’s scenario family films are a rarity. I feel sad about that. My heart goes for such scripts. So, I don’t have to act in close romantic scenes or indulge in kissing scenes. My movies still run well even without those scenes.

Your son Aarav rocked in Tik Tik Tik. Will he continue his acting stint?
You won’t believe, after TTT, Aarav got 25 offers. Some lured me saying they have a national award winning script. He has enough time to come to films. But I don’t want him to miss his school life and his friends. He is a kid. So, let him enjoy this part of life as a child.

With actors like Kamal and Rajini foraying in politics, what’s your take?
Rajini sir and Kamal sir coming to politics is their personal choice. They have achieved a lot and may be they thought it is time they foray into politics. I never ever want to come to politics. I don’t necessarily have to get into politics to do good deeds. I am an actor. More than what I do in real life, I can spread awareness through my films, after all it is a mass media.

Lead actors are seen in other media like web series. Will we get to see you in digital platforms?
Netflix wanted to make a web series out of my space movie Tik Tik Tik. They approached me as well. I was wondering if I have to go through those strenuous experiences once again (laughs). So, I am not thinking about it now.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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