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Vijay Sethupathi can do what mass heroes cannot: KV Anand

Published Feb 17, 2017, 1:52 am IST
Updated Feb 17, 2017, 1:53 am IST
KV Anand
 KV Anand

Cinematographer- turned-filmmaker KV Anand, ensures his films make the necessary noise and seek audience’s attention. His penchant for unique Tamil titles is an open secret with Ayan, Maattran, Ko, and Anegan, to name a few. His forthcoming movie, Kavan, which stars Vijay Sethupathi, Madonna Sebastian, T.Rajhendherr and Vikranth, is no different. “In the present scenario, we cannot do an entire film using ‘suddha Tamil’. I thought at least why not stick to chaste Tamil for titles. My titles will denote and do justice to the content,” he explains.

So, what does Kavan mean? “It means catapult! The film is about corporate fraud and is inspired by the famous folklore — David and Goliath. In Kavan, an ordinary person conquers a big force, a corporate giant. The subject has a universal appeal,” he asserts. On opting to have Vijay Sethupathi for the lead protagonist, he says, “He is a unique actor. In my films, the lead character is one who doesn’t hit back when people smash him. So I felt only Vijay Sethupathi could do justice!” When Anand brought T.Rajhendherr on board for a crucial character, it raised many brows. “His role is of the one who shoots back and reacts instantly to any situation. We could not think of anyone else except TR, who is a natural performer! I have never seen a sincere artiste like him. During a particular shot, his co-artiste took as many as 15 takes. He never got perturbed and repeated his part perfectly. Though he is multi-faceted, he treated the film as if it were his first movie,” quips the Ko director. About Madonna, he shares, “I saw Ka KaKa Po and felt that Sethupathi and Madonna’s onscreen chemistry was good. She is very sharp and systematic. She has scored in many places and would get applause from the audiences.”

Talking about Vikranth, he shares, “I can’t reveal much, but all I can say is that he is competent. The twists and turns are my core strength.” (smiles)



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