Pongalo pongal

Published Jan 15, 2019, 12:03 am IST
Updated Jan 15, 2019, 12:03 am IST
The festival marking the beginning of the Tamil month of Thai, however, holds a great relevance.
Nikki Galrani
 Nikki Galrani

As the years roll by, the traditions of the harvest festival of Pongal are given the go-by in the cities. The festival marking the beginning of the Tamil month of Thai, however, holds a great relevance.

The day of the festival means different things to different people, but none would forget the sweet taste of the sweet pongal made to celebrate the blessings of Nature in a bounteous harvest. A number of film stars tell us what Pongal means to them even as they wish Deccan Chronicle readers a very Happy Pongal.


NIKKI GALRANI - Debut Delight

Pongal is very close to my heart as this is the date I debuted in Tamil and thanks to the people of Tamil Nadu who welcomed me with open arms. This is my 5th Pongal really special as we moved down to Chennai and became ‘Chennai Ponnu’.  Let the festival bring more happiness and more prosperity to all.

SAI DHANSHIKA  A village Pongal

This Pongal is going to be very special one to me. I am visiting Mankaranoor village in Tirupathur town in Vellore district to celebrate Pongal along with the people of the area.  It will be a community pongal where many families including that of farmers will be at a ceremonial worship. I along with other ladies will cook the sweet dish made with rice, lentils, jaggery, ghee in an open area in an earthenware pot to which a turmeric and ginger plants are tied and offer it to Sun God. There will also be sugarcane sticks, bananas and coconuts offered.



The year begins with Pongal festival, which always gives me happiness and positivity. I am fond of the sweet pongal dish and even if I am shooting, I see that I get time to reach out to friends to have the sweet pongal and karumbu. In fact, I can myself make pongal. Also, the festival is associated with film releases and I do go watch movies in theatres.

ADITI MENON - Watching movies

This year Pongal is very special to me as my family relocated to Chennai this year and we are celebrating the harvest festival in the city. Though, we celebrate Onam mainly, after coming to film industry, I have lot of friends who celebrate Pongal. There are a lot of good projects lined up this year. This Pongal, I watched Petta and Viswasam and both Thala and Thalaivar have rocked and I loved it.


 NAKKUL - Pets Pongal

Pongal is always special to us. Last year I celebrated with family in Pollachi along the local people there. We stayed at a friend's place. We were singing and dancing and it was great merrymaking. We even fed cows in what was a very memorable village Pongal. This year, we are joining my cousins. Since, my dad passed away last January immediately after Pongal, we are not celebrating the festival.  In memory of my father, we are adopting three cats Coco, Lilly and Luna as papa loved cats. So, it’s going to be a ‘Pets Pongal’. We will cook special items for them as well.  This year, I am listening to a few awesome scripts. Soon, I would announce the films.