Singer not so super

Netizens slammed as biased a popular TV channel for announcing the final winner of the show Super Singer 7.

Actress Sripriya recently tweeted about the ‘Super Singer’ awards saying the SS winner is never given to a contestant who is technically superior. It’s not just Sripriya, most of the spectators feel the same.

The winner, from a rural background, lifted the trophy of the seventh season of ‘Super Singer’. His victory has met with a mixed response as many believe the contestants who secured 2nd and 3rd positions deserve the trophy more than him.

In fact, the Twitterati erupted in anger over the result as they wanted one among these contestants to be the winner of ‘Super Singer 7’. Netizens have slammed the channel for cheating the audience for preferring the talented contestant to the popular contestant.

This started from Satyaprakash (an ex contestant of SS) who has sung many songs for music composers including AR Rahman in movies like Kaatru Veliyidai and OK Kanmani. However, he was not awarded with the tag of ‘winner’ during his season of ‘Super Singer’.

Actress Sripriya, an avid follower of the show, tweeted, “I believe SS winner is never given to a contestant who is technically superior. Punya & Vikram are musically brilliant among the 5. Bongu started from Satyaprakash not winning the title. Hoping they will award the deserving musician in the future.”

She clarified later with a tweet saying, “”On my comment on #vijaytv supersinger finals I must admit my memory slipped...surely in last junior season Hrithik the child prodigy was THE FITTEST WINNER. apologies pls”

Music director Anirudh, who is also the ambassador of ‘Super Singer 7’, signed a contract initially with the channel that he will be providing an opportunity for the title winner to sing in one of his compositions.

Later after knowing the results, he announced that he will make the 3rd place (shared by two) contestants to sing for his tunes.

As per the fans, 2nd and 3rd place contestants were highly-talented compared to the title winner who is not a trained singer and whose ability was restricted to a specific genre. Moreover, netizens suggested the channel could have helped the contestant in other ways if they wanted to bring the under-privileged talents to mainstream by doing charity. But reality shows are not meant for that.

In the same way, the title winner of the previous season of ‘Super Singer’ was from a rural background who only sang similar kind of songs in each and every round. Reacting to this, a drummer of popular band in the city says, “It is not under the rule of the show. The channel breaks the rule whenever they want. Singing competitions are normally dealt with multiple songs with variety of genres. In that case, this year’s results were totally unfair.”

Ironically, the winner of ‘Super Singer’ is chosen based on the public votes and online surveys never clearly indicate the public support for the finalists of the show.

Singer Naryanan Ravishankar, an ex contestant of SS says, “It’s ultimately people’s decision; they choose and vote for the person they like. Winning or losing doesn’t really matter; I was eliminated when I was at top 14. Yet I have managed to sing a bunch of songs till now. If you’re talented, you will obviously hit a century when your time comes.

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