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Censor woes continue to haunt K’Town

Published Nov 14, 2016, 12:23 am IST
Updated Nov 14, 2016, 12:26 am IST
Still from Manal Kayiru 2
 Still from Manal Kayiru 2

S Ve Sekar, a member of CBFC is also the producer of Manal Kayiru 2, which stars Ashwin (his son) and Poorna in the lead roles. The film was issued U/A certificate by the board citing that it has scenes displaying a condom and the use of the word ‘figure’ to refer women. As a producer he is against the decision and has taken to Facebook to reveal that Manal Kayiru 2 deserves a U certificate.

Speaking to DC, Sekar says, “Firstly, there shouldn’t be any discrimination against big and small time producers and actors. If one can issue U certificate for a film which has lip-lock scenes, why not for my film? In fact, I have not shown condom at all. This explains that the regional officer is misusing his power. I was selected as a member of the CBFC by PM Narendra Modi, so I will serve my position with honesty. The regional officer thinks he has all the power and people fear to voice their opinion against him thinking that he would outcast them. I will definitely take this issue to Minister Venkaiah Naidu.”

The Jeans actor also added that producers get affected by poor monitoring — “I still don’t understand how Kabali, which dealt with violence got a U certificate. Certainly, there is a third party influence in this. Such acts will only affect small-scale producers. The Producers Council should take necessary action to curb this,” he adds.  

Sekar also reasons that TN government’s tax exemption policy for U-rated films pushes people to go to any extent  — “There are separate screenings for the CBFC members and TN government — which is just a waste of time. Also, the tax exemption does not help the cine goers. I suggest we decrease the ticket rates and let the common man enjoy. I have addressed these issues to CM J Jayalalithaa, but I am not sure if it has reached her.”


Director Ananda Krishnan’s Metro released after five months of struggle with the CBFC. Though the movie received excellent reports, it is not being issued a TV censor certificate. The director took to social media and posted, “In spite of appreciation from audience, media, critics, IPS officers, and even judicial representatives now METRO’s TV Censor Certificate is REFUSED by the same officer who refused the movie for the theatrical release initially. In spite of 22 voluntary cuts, they say the theme is same. So Metro will not be telecasted in any channel until this issue gets resolved.” (sic)



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