I don't have the concept of a dream girl: Rana Daggubati

...says Rana Daggubati in an uninhibited chat with DC. This V Day, he also opens up about his love life and on how he deals with breakups.

B e it his fully beefed up looks in Baahubali, or his physical transformation into a lean mean machine for The Ghazi Attack, Rana Daggubati has always looked amazing no matter what. Rana, who is one of the most eligible bachelors around in tinsel town, was in the city to promote Ghazi, the first underwater/ war-at-sea film in the country.

We spoke to him on various topics ranging from his relationship status, and what his concept of a dream girl is, to how he doesn’t care about the ‘playboy’ image and how breakups affect him. After all, it’s Valentine’s Day!

Ghazi, not just another film:
It has an interesting story, which deserves to be told. For me, it is a film with a pan-Indian appeal, as it is about India and Pakistan. There have been many stories about wars in our cinemas that glorified Army, but nothing on the Navy. Directed by debutant Sankalp, the film is also dubbed in Tamil and has Taapsee Pannu as the leading lady and she plays the role of a refugee.

Who is his valentine?
My Valentine this year is the press! Since Ghazi is releasing on February 17 in three languages, I need to promote it with thrice the effort compared to a normal movie, and also it is a new attempt.

On what a relationship means to him:
I am 32 years old. Whether it is a relationship with family members, girlfriends, friends, or co-workers — every relationship is important. Even a casual acquaintance means something to me.

I believe that the mistakes you make in the past are learning experiences and make you grow as a human.

The ‘Dream Girl’:
I decided not to have the concept of a dream girl — only when you have expectations, you fail! You will expect something that is only ‘ideal’ in your mind, but it may not be in that person.

It is unfair to meet a person and say I want these qualities in you or the other way around. That way, I have always been an open guy. I understand that if there’s a certain vibe, then it is inevitable that you hit off! The rest should fall in place if you are easy-going people.

Describing his idea of Love:
It’s a very beautiful emotion! Most of the things in your life are not in your control — the family you are born into, the parents and the siblings you have. It is only friendship and love that you create for yourself in this lifetime.

Love or arranged marriage:
I don’t know, really! I assume that I will get married sometime (smiles). The right girl could come from anywhere.

On his ‘playboy’ image:
What other people think of me is their problem — not mine. I am not making a point on personality. But, I don’t care personally what anybody thinks of me. That’s how I really live my life! If I have to do the right thing, I do it right. If there are situations I have to react to, I react to them properly and well enough. My family and friends know about me.

Breakups in any aspect, will affect the people involved. Because there was a journey that is broken! Now, the idea is to come out of it, understand what things have happened and not to repeat it in future.

On the primary objective in his career:
I am an actor and love cinema. I am here to entertain people performing various characters.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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