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Holi, beyond just colours

Published Mar 13, 2017, 12:00 am IST
Updated Mar 13, 2017, 12:16 am IST
Celebrities talk to DC about their favourite Holi memories and how they manage to keep the spirit of the festival alive amidst their schedules.
Rakul Preet Singh
 Rakul Preet Singh

Arguably the happiest festival we celebrate in our country, just the mention of Holi reminds us of the colours, our friends and happiness. We asked actors on what the festival signifies to them, and their plans this year. Read on to get a sneek peak into celebs’ Holi fervour. 

Holi always means freedom to me, people express their feelings more openly. Unlike any other festival, Holi has a vibe of togetherness and friendship. As a child, I used to celebrate Holi more actively, throwing water balloons at almost everyone on the streets. And since it is Holi, they couldn’t get mad at us for it either! Now, I have come back home for a break from shooting for Holi, I will be meeting friends and family. Also, I am waiting to gorge on the sweets my mother has prepared!


Rakul Preet Singh
I’m shooting and moreover we are not celebrating Holi this year in our family. Although, I really think it is special to celebrate a festival on the sets of a movie. As a child, I used to have a lot of fun celebrating the festival, and every year, we got dirtier than the previous one! After getting into films though, I have been careful with Holi because I couldn’t wait for days to get the stains off my skin and hair. Even during shooting Holi scenes in films, we are extra careful. My favourite way of celebrating these days is chilling with friends at a pool party.


Mandira Bedi
Holi spells childhood for me. My best memories are from back when we used to burst crackers and play with the other children in my building. I vividly remember how my mother used to not let us play with the black colour. I used to spend days struggling to remove the stains from my skin and my long hair back then.
Somehow, after a point of time, I stopped celebrating Holi. Now, we attend a party that a dear friend of ours hosts. It’s my son who enjoys the festival the most.

Ganesh Venkatram
Being born and brought up in Mumbai, I used to celebrate Holi with a lot of fanfare. As a kid, it was the one day we could pull off pranks and nobody would be annoyed. We used to wait for our math teacher to step out of his home so that we could throw water balloons at him. As adults, we used to prank our friends by spiking their thandaai’s with bhaang. Of course, now, Holi has changed, everyone is conscious about saving water and using organic colours, which is a progressive way of thinking. Although I have not celebrated Holi in a grand way in Chennai, I’m all game for a Holi bash this year!


Radhika Apte
We used to play Holi with the neighbours and some school friends in our garden. Our parents also played with us. When we grew up, we used to start from one friend’s house and keep moving from house to house looking more and more colourful. And the baths after day-long Holi sessions, were the longest baths ever.

One year, after playing  Holi with colours and mud, I came home in Mumbai and the society had decided to cut the water supply due to some ongoing work in the building. It was a nightmare and now looking back, it was also very funny.


Sunny Leone
My funny Holi memory is about trying bhaang with my husband Daniel (Weber) at a close friend’s party. Initially, it was a smooth ride until the effect hit us hard. After that, it was a non-stop roller coaster ride for Daniel and me. We just couldn’t stop laughing and realised the next day the effect of what we had. This was once and a long time ago after which we nevertouched another glass of bhaang.