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Tamil cinema is slowly evolving: Andrea Jeremiah

Published Oct 12, 2017, 12:00 am IST
Updated Oct 12, 2017, 8:27 am IST
A still from Aval
 A still from Aval

A romantic song starring Siddharth and Andrea Jeremiah — from  the trilingual horror film Aval — was recently screened as part of a promo and created a huge stir for the many intimate scenes and lip-locks featured in it. Case for controversy? Andrea, though, fresh from her acclaim for Taramani, remains as unfazed as possible — “The director has portrayed only what happens in reality — how newly-weds spend their first night! So, there’s nothing wrong in it. I think Tamil cinema is slowly evolving.”

Sharing her experiences working with Siddharth and director Milind Rau, who are Mani Ratnam’s assistants, Andrea says, “After my experience working with Kamal Haasan sir, the Aval team was the most professional and well-planned group  I’ve come across. They were so meticulous that I completed my portions in just 22 days!”

Aval is touted to be a straight in-your-face horror flick. Ask Andrea if she has had any supernatural encounters in real life, and pat she replies, “Oh no! I think I have the protection of God and no ghost will come near me (smiles). I am actually scared of even watching a horror movie... that’s the precise reason I am not going to watch Aval also! If you ask me why I agreed to this film, I would say that the character is very nice and it was a comfortable team to work with.”  
However, she quickly adds, “One day, the lady who played the ghost came and stood in front of me with full make-up on. I screamed and ran into the next room and had palpitations for half an hour. Throughout the shooting, I was scared to go to the restroom in that bungalow!”

Andrea of course, has to mention her recent star turn. "After Taramani, life has changed- in a sense; as we grow, we evolve. My regret was post its release. After giving so much of my effort, blood, sweat, tears and time for a movie... I still didn't get any big offers. That really hurt. Also, I had turned down many other movies because of the trust I placed in Taramani. Bit four years is too long to wait for an actress... it's fine, I have taken it in my own stride," she reveals. "Now, I am offered stereotypical roles but being an actress, I am ready to do any kind of character," she asserts.

The singer-actress also adds that irrespective of whether she gets a national award for Taramani or not, she is more concerned about getting good movie offers. Is she only interested in women-oriented films? "It is male chauvinistic industry and there's still a long way to go for the female-centric genre to come to the fore," she smiles. Will she direct in the future? "Not at all! I prefer to act in films, besides my love for singing and music," Andrea concludes



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