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Primed for her comeback

Published Sep 12, 2017, 12:00 am IST
Updated Sep 12, 2017, 6:36 am IST
Anu Hasan re-enters Kollywood in style with Valla Desam, where she is all set to flex her muscles!
Anu Hasan
 Anu Hasan

In the current phase of Tamil cinema, when women-centric films are taking the lead with powerful actors like Nayanthara, Jyothika, Trisha and a few more donning prominent roles, here is yet another actress making a comeback.

Anu Hasan, the multitasking film personality, is back with an interesting new action thriller Valla Desam. In a chat with DC, she opens up about her role in the empowering movie which involved stunt sequences, and about her future plans.
She begins by introducing her character in the film — “The character of Gayathri who later becomes Anu in Valla Desam is an unusual role. From being a simple, gentle mother, and then turning into an extremely strong, fearless and courageous woman, she goes through an entire gamut of dimensions. People have seen me as a girl-next-door and in traditional characters. Here, she is intimidating.”


Stating that the film revolves around a happy family who relocates to the UK, Anu adds, “When a mother’s only child gets kidnapped, she faces a lot of trauma. The film goes on to tell her story. There’s also an angle involving international arms dealing in the film! Nasser sir plays an army officer, and I really enjoyed sharing screen space with him again after Indira. On many instances during the production, I could relate to my real-life self,” the actress quips.

Revealing as to how debut director Nantha chose her for the movie, Anu explains, “Nantha, who also handles the camera, was in the UK and was looking out for a lady who can handle and pull off this heavy role — and at the same time look fit for it, since it involved quite a bit of stunts. I loved his narration and agreed to be part of this larger-than-life role.” (smiles)

The actress credits her training period in Kerala’s traditional art form Kalaripayattu and basic stunts, which came in handy for her while doing action sequences — “It was my biggest strength and I just needed to brush up a little and be agile.”

Recalling her uncle Kamal Haasan’s advice on action scenes, she says, “He always told me, ‘I know you won’t get hurt. Still, since we are not experts and in an enthusiastic mood, you may hurt other stuntmen. So, be careful!’”

“It is an important film in my career. The only regret is that the movie gets released when my parents are no more, especially my mom who always encouraged me to pick up such roles,” she concludes on an emotional note.
Anu is presently busy with another film Aakki on juvenile delinquents — in which she essays a hockey coach to them. Also in the bag is a Malayalam film and Keni, a Tamil flick.