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I am keen to be part of Srideviji’s biopic – Tamannaah

Published Oct 10, 2019, 12:02 am IST
Updated Oct 10, 2019, 1:50 am IST
“I am not God not to commit mistakes. I am an ordinary human being and have taken missteps and want to change and better myself’,

Tamannaah figures in Petromax, a remake of Telugu hit Anando Brahma. She talks about why she is not interested in adding any titles to her name and how she is keen to work in Sridevi’s biopic.

Petromax is different from Devi sequels: I had no plan of doing a horror comedy when the offer came to me.  I saw the original Telugu version and it was very fresh. And complete contrast to what I did in Devi. There is battalion of comedians here and organic humour in the film. Then Sye Raa came. It was an intense character. Then Petromax and after this I am doing the film Action with Vishal. Then there is a sports film with Gopi Chand. I am constantly trying to do something unexpected of me.  The film is not everything about me. I have a character and it adds to the film’s narration.  For me length is not important. Even if it is a small role, it has to stand out!


Petromax is an unusual film and Goundamani’s expression was apt for the title:
When we started the film, we had the working title as Petromax. I asked my director Rohin Venkadesan as to why the name Petromax. He said more than name, it is an expression and derived from Goundamani sir’s popular comedy. Then I felt the title suits our film, since it’s an unusual comedy and younger take on the word.

Honestly, I have not seen a Petromax light so far.
Petromax is a not a small film:
There’s nothing called big or small film. Only good or not good film! After a long time, I completely enjoyed working in this film. For me every film I work is mine.

Want to work in Srideviji’s biopic:
 I am not keen that I should continue doing heroine centric films or only commercial movies. I want a mix of all. I want to do a biopic, especially, if someone is making a movie on Sridevi madam, I want to be part of it. I also wish I do a complete dance flick. These are the roles I want to do.
I am lead protagonist of Petromax , not the hero:
Why do you say I am the hero of the film? I don’t want to be the hero of the film. We have to bring the change of distinguishing between a hero and heroine.
Hero is connected only to a man. That’s not true. You can say a lead protagonist, which can be male or female. I am proud that I am the heroine.  I am pretty, beautiful and glamorous and I don’t want to be strong and macho. And the day when someone says you are the heroine of the film and strong enough to pull the character, I am happy.

Being a remake, comparisons are bound to happen:
True, before anyone could comment anything, right from the beginning we were torturing ourselves about comparison. (Laughs). Hope, we have done justice to the original.  

Not scared of ghosts:
I have not undergone supernatural experiences.  Earlier, I did fear ghosts, not anymore (smiles).

No tags needed, call me by my nice given name:
Laughs loudly. Ha ha ha. People call me ‘Milky Beauty’! That’s more than enough! Jokes apart. What do I do with these tags? My parents have kept a nice name for me.

Direction? Oh no!:
Directing a film has a different orientation and you need lot of patience. I don’t have both (smiles).
That’s Mahalakshmi: It’s been a while since I completed that film. Hope it gets released soon. Looking forward.  
Handling criticism:  If it is constructive criticism, I feel it is important to take it in the right manner. I am not God, I do commit mistakes and I definitely want to change them and better myself. But, I don’t pay heed to fake criticism.  

Reasons for not using social media for endorsing causes: I am not trying to change the world. If I organically feel about a cause, then I do that. Like I supported ‘Cauvery Calling’ initiative, which I believed in. If there is something genuine, I always bat for that.  I don’t want to do anything to just for the sake create a ‘image’.