The films choose me: Andrea Jeremiah

... says Andrea Jeremiah, in a chat with DC about the controversial Taramani finally nearing release.

Singer-actress Andrea Jeremiah’s long-pending, female-centric movie Taramani, directed by national award-winner Ram hits the marquee this Friday, and is all set to take Kollywood by storm with its bold content. The movie also ran into trouble with the certification board and finally got an ‘A’ certificate. Ahead of the film’s release, Andrea, in a quick chat with DC, says the film is a contemporary take on modern relationships, and people can relate to it. She also talks about her music career, Thupparivaalan with Vishal and Vada Chennai with Dhanush.

“I play the role of a strong woman who works in the IT sector. For her, life exists even without men being around her — and she doesn’t care to validate them either. She is a girl who lives on her own terms,” the effervescent actress starts her conversation.

Quiz her if girls of her age would relate to the character, and pat comes the reply. “Yes, very much. A lot of women in my generation would relate to the content. I personally know a lot of people who have been in such relationships.”

The topic shifted to a particular scene in the film where Andrea is seen drinking liquor straight — the scene was a concern for the certification board too. “Oh! In films, when couples break up, men get depressed and take to alcohol and sometimes a song accompanies the scene. Here in Taramani, the girl gets drunk after she goes through a love failure. And that’s how the entire film has been made interesting by director Ram (laughs).”

Talking about Ram, she says, “Even as he narrated the script, I knew it’s going to be a fully fleshed-out character. He writes raw and real characters. I always like to work with such people.”

The song, The Soul of Taramani, written and sung by her for the film has been used as the promo material. However, it seems like her career as a singer has taken a backseat. Andrea says otherwise — “I am very much available for singing. There’s a misconception that I am too busy with my acting ventures.

But, I think I can manage both.” She also reveals that there are no takers for independent music albums. “I have recorded three albums but it is not easy to market albums here. The present scenario is like that,” she asserts.

On choosing roles, she says, “Honestly, I feel the films choose me rather than I go after them! (smiles)”

Talking about her other venture Vada Chennai, the actress gets excited. “Yes, I am thrilled being part of a great project like VC. It’s a completely different world, set in North Chennai. I have a tanned makeup and am enjoying every bit of the shoot.”

Though Andrea reveals that she has an interesting character in Thupparivaalan, an action investigative thriller, directed by Mysskin, she remains tight-lipped about her role.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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