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Balachander identified the ‘style’ in me: Rajinikanth

Published Nov 8, 2018, 3:22 am IST
Updated Nov 8, 2018, 3:23 am IST
Old classic Ponaal Pogattum Poda is his favourite song from younger days, says Rajinikanth.
Superstar Rajinikanth
 Superstar Rajinikanth

In a recent television interview, Superstar Rajinikanth was spotted brimming with energy and positivity, taking questions in his own inimitable style and his honest responses at a time when the actor is all set to enter politics.

When asked about his favourite film, Rajini said, “Basha is the best screenplay in my career. After that, I find the same kind of interesting screenplay is Shankar directed 2.0.”


When queried about his good friend Kamal Haasan, the actor disclosed why he still considers him a top star. “When I entered cine field, Kamal was a big star. Just because I was able to get fame because of God and technicians, I will never tell I have overtaken him. Always Kamal is Kamal and I always keep him in that level.”

What kind of story you would choose, the anchor asked and he replied, “First mass. No class. I am not doing films for awards. If it comes, I welcome it.  At least, a few things in the script should touch the heart. No repeats from previous movie.”

On his all time favourite song, he shoots his reply quickly, “The old classic Ponaal Pogattum Poda, which is my favourite right from younger days.”

On a query as to when would the Superstar get emotional, he replied, “I get tensed when people kidnap children and cripple them to beg on the streets. You should shoot such people instantly.”

He openly admits that he leads a luxurious life. “I live in Poes Garden (an upscale locality in Chennai) and travel in a BMW car. I stay in 5-star, 7-star hotels.  How can you call it simplicity?” he asks when questioned on his simple living.

When options were given to choose among his best onscreen jodi with Sridevi, Sripriya, Ambika, Gautami and Kushbhu, the actor chose someone who he has not revealed so far. “My chemistry with ‘Fatafat’ Jayalakshmi when we worked in ‘70s together in films like Mullum Malarum and Aarilirundhu Arubadhu Varai. Also, to some extent, I can say Radhika. We did films like Nallavanukku Nallavan. Leave out glamour, dance and such similar stuff. (laughs loudly) I am not taking them as consideration for the on-screen chemistry. The way they carried their characters and emotions were amazing.”

We all feel there’s something ‘special’ in you as the everlasting superstar. Have you ever felt in a similar way?

Smiles as he says,  “Starting with a meagre amount of Rs 300 as a conductor, when I became an actor and started seeing huge moneys like Rs 3 or 4 lakhs, I thought I was  ‘an exclusive creation’ by god and he had made me like this. Later, I got the wisdom and realised that ‘my time was good and things worked out!’ And I was also a normal human being like others. Had I begun my career earlier in ‘50s and ‘60s, I would have been lost with the likes of legends MGR and Sivaji ruling the roost.”

Though there are several genres in cinema, you created something new called ‘Style’ genre. How was that possible?  Laughs. “Oh! No. I didn’t create anything. I didn’t even know what style is. It was my guru K.Balachnader sir who found this in me. After a few films with him, one day sir called and said, ‘You have a unique way of speaking fast and all your actions seem fast. Other filmmakers might ask you to change and go normal. But don’t do that. That’s your USP and keep continuing. I am just following my mentor’s advice till today.”