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I am proud of my body, says Shruti Haasan

Published Jul 8, 2017, 12:00 am IST
Updated Jul 8, 2017, 12:21 am IST
...says Shruti Haasan, in her usual spunky fashion, as she talks about her choice of films, working with her dad, and of course — Bigg Boss!
Shruti Haasan
 Shruti Haasan

Shruti Haasan, the super-busy actress, who is always vocal about many issues, talks to us in a freewheeling interview on how she has no qualms with her body, how she wants to be connected artistically with her audience, her appa’s stint in Bigg Boss and much more. 

What is it like to work with your dad in Sabaash Naidu?
Having been an actor himself, when he directs, he brings something unique to the table. He lets people act, finds what they are good at and brings that out — it is very rare. He has a big vision and lets everyone’s individuality come through. My character in SN is young, rebellious, funky and funny as well.   I can, in no way, relate to her because, I never had to be that rebellious. My father has given me a lot of freedom — and with that, comes responsibility.


You seemed to have no qualms with your dare-bare attitude when it comes to photo shoots and magazine covers...
Google any other actress in Bollywood, they all have done the same thing. If my body looks a little more spectacular, I can’t help it! (laughs) I am proud of my body. Some days it is perfect; some other days it’s not.  To me, sensuality is another aspect of the human personality. I am not secretive, not frustrated or imbalanced. I believe in owning my body and not going by other people’s perception of it. 

People still talk about your facial features allegedly going under the knife...
What I do with my life and my body is my choice. If people are commenting about me, I feel they are missing something in their life — that is why they are interested in others’ lives!


What is your criteria when choosing scripts?
For me, I have to connect to the character. It also largely depends on good directors and producers who make films. I do it myself and never discuss it with my dad.

Does working in many industries hamper the chance to be numero uno in one language?
Maybe that’s your perception! I am in my 10th year in the film industry and I feel I am successful. I am blessed doing films in different languages and why would I not make use of it?

What went wrong with the Sangamithra epic?
Nothing went wrong and I don’t want to talk about it. Because it is in my past and I don’t really look back.


Who is your role model?
Everybody I know will have a good quality — which I will pick up. I make it a point to try and see the good in people and learn from it. In films, who else other than my dad? (smiles)

Her dad Kamal hosting bigg boss
He is connecting to people in a different way. 
The TRPs have been crazy!
But, if you ask me if I’d be interested in taking part in the show, I would say a big no. Because, I can’t stay in one place for 100 days!

You have a huge following on social media...
I don’t talk anything political. I love to connect with my fans through my Twitter handle and want to share many things they can’t see otherwise. I know many celebs who have media companies that mange their Twitter accounts. But, I manage mine myself and I believe in that. Because, how can somebody else tell you how to connect with people?


Is it a boon or a bane?
Social media is a new form of communication in human history. With new things like this, there is always both good and bad. That holds true for all types of new technology —  there is always a plus and minus.

Favorite food?
Sambar sadham and Urulaikizhangu poriyal — and I am a good cook as well! (winks)

One trait picked up from your dad
Being ‘straight forward’.
Does being bold and vocal about many things land you in trouble?
I don’t say anything without thinking. I choose what I want to say. So, I haven’t faced any problems as such.


Are you in a relationship now?
I never want to answer that question!

Do you believe in social activism?
I am not a feminist! But given a position to make a difference socially, I believe in giving rights and educating girl children. The women in India need help.

Do you wish to work in experimental films
I am game for experimental movies. I’m ready to work with new genres, new talents etc.