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Entertainment Kollywood 08 Jun 2016 Nitin Sathyaa: Choos ...

Nitin Sathyaa: Choosing roles with substance

Published Jun 8, 2016, 12:11 am IST
Updated Jun 8, 2016, 7:29 am IST
About the much-anticipated Chennai 28 sequel, he says he plays Palani, the same character that appeared in the original.
Nitin  Sathyaa
 Nitin Sathyaa

Nitin Sathyaa wants to be identified as a performer. Maybe that is why, even after his last few films didn’t click at the box-office, he’s been able to bounce back successfully. His hands are currently full, with films like the Chennai 28 sequel, Pandigai and Suriya’s S III taking up his time. “Becoming a celebrity or a star has never been my motivation for getting into acting. I just want to be a good actor,” he says.

Speaking about his upcoming horror-comedy Paandiyoda Galatta Thangala, directed by S Guna Segaran, which is being released this week, Nitin says he plays the owner of a toy shop.  “A murder happens in a nearby mansion, and all my toys get possessed by the ghost. It’s a fun film, which would attract kids in particular,” he adds.


Having been in the industry for more than a decade, Nitin says he settles only for roles with substance.

“I agree I’ve had my fair share of failure. But those things make me who I am still. I’ve become more positive, analysing my hits and flops. After all, life is all about learning from mistakes,” smiles Nitin.

About the much-anticipated Chennai 28 sequel, he says he plays Palani, the same character that appeared in the original. “I think this will be a true sequel of sorts because Venkat Prabhu has shown how the life of Palani has changed after nine years. So far the film has come out quite well,” he explains.


Nitin is also equally excited about Pandigai and S III. “The former has Kreshna as the male lead and I play a supporting role. For the first time in my career, I’ve done something different because it would be hard for anybody to identify that I am Nitin. I have undergone a complete make ver and till this date, the look has been kept secret — because that’s the surprise element of the film,” he says.
Quiz him about S III, and he grins and answers on a lighter note, “It’s a small role, so I am maintaining a low profile as of now.”


However, the actor before concluding, adds that he would love to do roles that have streaks of negativity, like what he did in Satham Podathey. “I want to choose different films and I don’t want to get trapped in any image. I have my goals. I am willing to do whatever it takes for a role,” he signs off.