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Iron Man, Black Widow find their voices

Published Apr 6, 2019, 12:17 am IST
Updated Apr 6, 2019, 12:17 am IST
If you look at the story, there’s a minor chemistry and one side love between Black Widow and Hulk.
At the recent launch of the Tamil Marvel Anthem and trailer, DC spoke to the trio — ARR, VSP and Andrea.
 At the recent launch of the Tamil Marvel Anthem and trailer, DC spoke to the trio — ARR, VSP and Andrea.

K’Town has found voices for Iron Man and Black Widow. Vijay sethupathi and Andrea Jeremiah will be the film stars lending their voices to characters in Avengers:Endgame, the superhero film in the Marvel Comics series.

Music maestro AR Rahman, who was roped in to compose the Marvel Anthem in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu versions by Marvel Studio, has done his job already and released the anthem, now going viral online with Marvel fans tuning in. AR Murugadoss was part of the project as dialogue writer in Tamil. At the recent launch of the Tamil Marvel Anthem and trailer, DC spoke to the trio — ARR, VSP and Andrea.


I want to be part of a superhero Tamil film: Andréa Jeremiah

Please share your experiences dubbing for Black Widow in Avengers:Endgame.

Honestly, it was difficult initially. Because, dubbing for someone else and in another language is always tricky. As I got into it, things became easy and was excited that I am dubbing for Black Widow. If anyone makes a film in Tamil on a superhero subject, they must cast me, I will see that I get the role (laughs).

If you look at the story, there’s a minor chemistry and one side love between Black Widow and Hulk. Who do you think is best to portray Hulk in Tamil if you play Black Widow?

Who else? Only Vijay Sethupathi (smiles). He is a versatile actor who can handle any kind of role. Though many like Tony Stark, I like only Hulk, as his story is very appealing to me. And his weakness is his strength and I find it very interesting as character. And the kind of actors chosen to play Hulk like Edward Norton is also quiet attention-grabbers.

I like both MGR and Nambiar: Vijay Sethupathi

How is the excitement in giving voice to Iron Man?

More than excitement, I was scared. I was skeptical, as how would people react to a new voice for a character whom they have been hearing for long. After each reel of dubbing, I used to ask if it was okay. They said my voice was matching perfectly. I loved Iron Man’s character as he is so cool and handles all problems in a casual man ner.  

I dubbed for the trailer and I found it a little difficult. But over time, I started adoring the character. I wished if I were like him, but I am not!

Who in Kollywood do you think would be fit to act as Thanos, the villain in Avengers?

(Laughs) I don’t want to name anyone and get into the wrath of others. I think I can myself do both hero and villain. I equally like both hero and villain. I like Nambiar as well as MGR.

Who is your son Surya’s favourite in Avengers?

He also likes Iron Man only. He loves the mass factor in him. He always urges me to take up a mass hero subject instead of soft characters.

Do you yearn to dub for any other characters?

I am a Dubbing Union member. I even got membership card for my children. I used to try Mohanlal sir’s voice initially. Dubbing is a big learning experience. I always tried cartoon films and I loved to dub for cartoon characters, but did not get a chance initially. I don’t consider it as business or popularity. I also made little bit of improvisation while dubbing for Avengers. Changed  a few colloquial Tamil words. As a big fan of a world famous film and being part of it, I am also waiting to see how I am going to be received.

Time will come when an Indian Superhero would be born: AR Rahman

We hear your son Ameen Rahman, a big Marvel fan, influenced you to accept to compose the anthems for Avengers :Endgame.

Yes, in a way Ameen was also one of the reasons. Besides, I felt this is a new effort and when cross-pollination like this happens, lot of new things emerge. It was an opportunity to be part of it. I got to meet Joe Russo. He said that I should do a film for his company.  These kinds of introductions are significant.

Moreover, at present there’s a positive energy among youth of India like ‘nothing can stop our progress’. I wanted to combine that energy with this anthem and give something, which adds value to Avengers. And it was lyricist Vivek who came out with this inspirational number.

Initially I was scared and worried if getting into a Hollywood film with our regional language number would go well with audiences. In a humorous tone he added, “However, there are a many (including me) who do not even know the ‘spelling’ of Avengers. The song is mainly for them. They will get to know the film’s grandeur, story and the interesting stuff in it. It’s an effort to bridge the gap.”

Robot connection in Age of Ultron

We went to a dinner meeting where Joe kept on hearing the Hindi version and said, ‘You have done a marvellous job’. Perhaps I looked skeptical. Russo then said, “I mean it and not lying.” That was when I was happy and relieved.”

Russo had said in Mumbai that he was inspired by the climax of the Shankar-directed Robot starring Rajinikanth, the music of which was composed by you and used in Age of Ultron, the second part of Avengers. Comment.

I feel it is a very good piece of information and good gesture. We don’t know to respect our own talents. When a foreigner says, people will think  ‘Oh he/she has stuff’. I think we need to give respect for our own talents and recognise their hard work.  Though the sequence was not there in Ultron, that scene where all the mini robots combine to form a huge Robot is my favourite.”

Who would ARR cast if he were to make Avengers in Tamil

I don’t have that kind of talent to judge. But definitely, Avengers will happen in India and an Indian superhero would be born.  Vijay Sethupathi would be fit to do Iron Man character.