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Forever by their side

Published Sep 5, 2017, 12:00 am IST
Updated Sep 5, 2017, 12:14 am IST
Vishnu Vishal
 Vishnu Vishal

Teachers play an integral part in shaping up everyone’s life, in one way or another. From being almost a third parent and helping you pick careers, to keeping you in line and sometimes even giving you nightmares, these mentors have been with us every step of the way... maybe even today!

On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, we speak to Kollywood celebs who get nostalgic about their gurus — and why they owe so much to them.

Lokesh, director
I haven’t had a great rapport of sorts with my teachers (laughs). But if you ask me about my guru in terms of direction, I would say it is Kamal Haasan sir. Though I haven’t worked under him as an assistant, I have learned enormously through his films. The one thing that amazes me about him is the perfection in his movies. I like him a lot as a director and only then as an actor. I don’t know if anyone can match his prowess in direction. Be it Virumaandi or Viswaroopam, his works have been a great inspiration. After him, I would say Mani Ratnam sir is my other guru!

Vishnu Vishal, actor
There are two types of teachers — those who would shape your life and those who shape your career. Without any dilemma, I’d have to pick my father Ramesh!

He is my father, teacher, friend, philosopher and my everything. He has taught me how to live life — and everytime  I’m low on confidence, he knows what to say to get me back on my feet. I know that we shouldn’t thank our fathers, but I’d like to thank God for giving me my dad. Being a police officer, he has been in several critical positions and that experience has helped him shape his life and mine as well. If I have any problem, I know who to talk to and he knows how to overcome it.

Surabhi, actress
My childhood was quite eventful as I was going to school and learning music as well. Neetu was my teacher and she taught me piano and tabla. She was a young teacher herself and learning from her has helped me a lot in many ways.
Also, in school, there was Lakshmi ma’am — a fashion designer teacher. When we were pursuing our higher secondary, she used to talk about life and philosophy and groomed us for the future.

Today, she is extremely happy to see me doing Tamil films. My parents, Pramod and Smitha have also stood by me and supported me. Coming from a non-filmy background, their support is what keeps me going.

Gayathri Raghuramm, dance master
Firstly, I would like to thank my school teacher Vatsala ma’am. I pursued my schooling in Adarsh Vidyalaya and she was more than a teacher to me. She is a well-wisher and friend as well. When I was in school, I used to have poor eating habits and she was the one who would feed me and make sure that I was comfortable and healthy! When it comes to my life, I would have to thank my gurus Raghuramm (father), Girija (mother), Kala and Brinda aunty. They showed me how to live my life and will always wish to see me successful.

Sam CS, composer
In terms of academics, my mom was a teacher herself. And it so happened that from class one to twelfth, she was able to handle one of my classes. So, she has been my teacher outside my home as well!

However, when I went to college in Trichy, I was not into studies at all. I sulked to go to classes — so there is no particular teacher I can recall, who made a significant impact on me.

In terms of music, it would be a cliche to say this, but I have no other go. For me ‘Isaignani’ Ilaiyaraaja has been the guru. I grew up during an era where there was an Ilaiyaraaja sir song to signify every emotion and phase in life.
I like many other musicians, but he was the one who inspired me a lot — and all my songs will have something that is quintessential Ilaiyaraaja in them!



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