Neruppuda is a tribute to real firefighters: Vikram Prabhu

Says Vikram Prabhu, about his upcoming film on the real-life heroes, for which he also doubles up as a producer.

Actor Vikram Prabhu, who turned producer with his venture Neruppuda, a film on firefighters which is set for September 8 release, is on top of the world. “As an actor, I just have to do what my director says — and my work ends there. But, production is a multi-tasking business and involves a lot of responsibility and pressure. Still, I am a contended producer because despite being a risky film, which involves real fire sequences, we finished it on time without a single accident,” Vikram starts his conversation with DC.

Revealing the secret behind his successful stint, he says, “I hand-picked this young team of technicians and we did meticulous pre-production work — and well in advance, we figured out everything for each and every scene. Once I am out of my office, you can see only Vikram Prabhu, the actor, on the sets. The rest fell in place as planned. Also with the cooperation of the co-artistes, we could finish on time.”

A still from NeruppudaA still from Neruppuda

The Kumki star plays Guru, a fireman and a fan of Rajini. “Yeah, it is true that I essay Rajini sir’s fan. But the core story is an action thriller and about five people, who work as firemen and their selfless journey in their profession with proper commercial elements in place. It is sort of a tribute to fire fighters and once you watch the film, the respect for them would would rise multifold!”

On choosing the dazzling first line of Rajini’s song for the title, he says, “When director Ashok Kumar narrated the story and we were in the process of finalising the title, Rajini sir’s Neruppuda number got released and received a huge response. Since our film is also on firefighters with the tagline ‘fire within you’ — we felt Neruppuda was perfect and finalised it! Sean Roldan was also roped in for music.”

The actor says that while he did his homework and preparation for the role, the action sequences were very tough to handle.

“We have used CG only in minimal places and shot everything using real action shots only. The fire for each stunt block was authentic! Only when I started working, I could realise the responsibility of firefighters and how they risk their lives during each operation. I was gasping for breath and also had high burning sensation due to the heat, while shooting some sequences. Hats off to the real fighters.”

Nikki Galrani plays a medical student and his romantic pair in the film. “So far, you would have seen Nikki in bubbly and tomboyish roles. But in this flick, she portrays more a feminine and positive role. She herself was surprised to see her character looking so girlish! The director has incorporated certain crucial elements to her character.”

Heaping praises on RD Rajashekar, he says, “His cinematography is a visual splendour. He has captured the grandeur effects on screen and I am happy that our rich production values are established.”

Ask him when we would get to see him sharing screen space with his illustrious dad Prabhu, and pat replies the actor. “I am also keen to work with dad. But, we are waiting for a suitable script. My thatha and appa have acted in 18 films together.”

His future offerings include a movie Pucca, an action-comedy again with Nikki and Bindu Madhavi, and an untitled film with Dinesh Selvaraj among others.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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