Allu Arjun puts on an accent

Actor Allu Arjun will soon start learning the Chittoor dialect for his role in his forthcoming film under director Sukumar.

American and British accents will soon be passé now that the sensation Allu Arjun (aka Bunny) will be heard speaking in the Chittoor dialect in his upcoming flick. Known for the physical makeovers he takes on for his roles, Bunny will showcase his talents to pick up a dialect in this film, which will be directed by Sukumar.

The action-entertainer, we are told, is set in the backdrop of red sanders, in Chittoor, where red sander poachers are apparently in large numbers. So, to stay true to his character, the actor shall soon start lessons to learn the Chittoor dialect. “This is the first time the actor will be speaking in this dialect, and he is looking forward to it,” informs a source, who adds that he may hire an expert to learn from so he gets the nuances right.

Interestingly, the actor is also expected to camp in the Rayalaseema region to get a first-hand understanding of his character’s accent. “But the actor is expected to do that after he wraps up his current film with filmmaker Trivikram Srinivas,” adds the insider.

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