I Hate You Explores Complexities of Obsessive Love Disorder

Hero Karthik Raju, known for his diverse roles, recently delivered a unique storyline with "Atharva." This week, he is back with "I Hate You," a romantic thriller delving into the complexities of 'obsessive love disorder' between two teenage girls. Directed by Anji Ram and produced by Beelakanti Nagaraj, this film explores the dark facets of love and obsession. Prabhod presents the compelling story, complemented by Karthik Kodakandla's musical compositions. Let's find out more about this.

Indu (Moksha), an orphan, forges a close bond with Sandhya (Sherry Aggarwal), her schoolmate. Sandhya's father (actor Srinivas Reddy) brings Indu into their home. As Sandhya goes abroad for studies, her relationship with Rajeev (Karthik Raju) takes a romantic turn. Despite being in love, circumstances keep them apart. The plot takes a riveting turn as Indu, dealing with her psychological issues, attempts to separate the two lovers. The movie unfolds the consequences of this obsessive love disorder.

Narrative Analysis:
Director Anji Ram crafts a plot that navigates the complexities of romantic thrillers effectively. The initial focus on the friendship between two girls creates an engaging narrative. The director balances fun elements with original thrilling sequences post the interval, keeping the audience hooked. While the climax is predictable, trimming the childhood portion could have heightened the narrative pace. Karthik Raju delivers his playboy role effortlessly, complemented by Sherry Agarwal's performance. Moksha transitions from innocence to intensity, leaving a lasting impression. Priyanka and Rahul's diverse roles as a drug addict and her lover contribute to the storyline's depth. The director successfully transforms the narrative into a gripping romantic thriller.

Technical Aspects:
The editing could have been tighter. The casting choices, locations, and production values are commendable. "I Hate You" won't disappoint enthusiasts of the romantic thriller genre.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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