Bigg Boss 17: Mannara Chopra Interview

Yeah,a lot of people told me they wanted me to win. I should have worked on my social media before going (in the BB house).

Mannara Chopra talks exclusively to D.C on bagging the second runner up title of the BB17 trophy. She answers a volley of questions

How do you look at your journey, Mannara?

I am very happy with my journey and very humbled. Looking forward to ask the magic which is happening outside.

You sound so much like your sisters. Did anyone tell you that?

It's in the blood. Everyone has some resemblance or a similar speaking style so yeah.

What about your people, all of them were eager that you win, Comment?

Yeah,a lot of people told me they wanted me to win. I should have worked on my social media before going (in the BB house). I think that's where I missed out but it's ok. But at least I can say that I portrayed my true personality and not my fakeness.

You're so real and so emotional. Munawar was not giving you enough time and you still went behind him. What do you think friendship is in today's time?

We don't get good friendships in today's time. I have seen that as I've left the BB house a lot of people's faces have changed. True friendships, I realised after we've left BB House. So let's see now

You started your journey through Tollywood right. Can I call you the 'Southern Siren'?

Yes, I am so proud to be called the 'Southern Siren'. Hyderabad is home. I have all the love and I am waiting to take the flight to Hyderabad.

What is your prospect in Tollywood presently?

I have a release. I am not sure if it has been released yet. It's with Raj Tarun and I'll go and see if it has been released.

Towards the end of BB 17 you had a pretty good friendship with the Hyderabadi boy Arun inside. Elaborate?

Arun Anna really supported me and Hyderabadi’s have shown a lot of love for me. I am humbled.

Having done a reality show what ‘is your takeaway or any message from it?

My takeaway is just to be real. If you want to come to a personality show, you need to be real.

Love me, keep appreciating me and get the good vibes with Mannara.

This reality show is such that it makes you strong. What are the strengths in you that have multiplied?

The strengths that have multiplied within me, One is to never be ashamed to say what is wrong. Stand up for your rights confidently.

So going out of the house, what is mummy going to make for you?

Chai please mil bus …. I just want a cup of tea made by mom's hands bus!!

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