Was Monkey Man ignored in India?

Earlier this year, Monkey Man’s action packed film created a sensational wave with its enticing story line and heart-pounding action sequences. Directed by Dev Patel and produced by Jordan Peele, the movie captivated audiences worldwide with its unique blend of local flavors and high-octane drama. However, with only $10 million budget for production, Monkey Man became an instant success whereby it garnered three times what was spent on making it.

An Unseen Success

Despite Monkey Man’s international achievements however; the film is yet to make its way into India. There have been no Indian cinema halls or any streaming platform from India where it has been featured so there have been talks of banning it. It was not difficult to deduce that the government would have banned it because of the political religious matters reflected in its content.

The Real Story

Nevertheless Monkey Man has not been officially banned in India as many people think it is. This is not information given under RTI (Right to Information) or any official document because the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) simply ignored requests for screening this movie.

A Tactical Move?

It was possible that this film could be banned before elections since global media could have covered the ban thereby spoiling the reputation of the ruling party across nations. By ignoring it completely the authorities managed to avoid creating a scandal that would hit headlines.

Audience Response

Though Monkey Man has gone missing on official channels; Indians still found their way to watch this movie somehow. Its absence made nothing as fans went ahead to newsstand ways through which they can get access to it showing how much they really love movies except Bollywood products.

Monkey Man may not have had an official release in India, yet its impact cannot be denied. The journey of the film highlights the twisted politics-media-entertainment relationship and makes it clear that regardless of any official channels, audiences will always get access to what they love.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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