FTII Helped Me Evolve as an Artist: The Shameless Actor Auroshikha Dey

Bulgarian Director Konstantin Bojanov’s Hindi flick, “The Shameless” was screened at the 77th Cannes Film Festival. The film is about the story of two sex workers who forge a bond and seek to throw off their shackles. Deccan Chronicle spoke to one of the actors, Auroshikha Dey.


Congratulations on the success of “The Shameless” at Cannes! How does it feel to be part of a film that has received such international recognition?

Thank you so much. When I first heard the news from my director and my producer, I was numb for a fraction of a second and was trying to search for the perfect expression. This is a dream come true. I feel ecstatic and it still feels unreal. Having my film screened on this prestigious platform is an immense honor. Sharing it with a worldwide audience is both exciting and humbling.

Your performance in the film has been widely praised. Can you share some insights into your character's development and preparation process?

My director Konstantin Bojanov meticulously outlined the character sketch of 'Durwa', my assigned role, providing invaluable clarity for my preparation. The character, with its nuanced shades of grey, demanded a delicate balance. I dedicated substantial effort to understanding and embodying this complexity. Rigorous preparation became my daily ritual, as I sought to convey Durwa's inner turmoil and contradiction convincingly.

In addition to my personal exploration, we engaged in workshops that allowed me to fine-tune the character's role. These sessions were enlightening, shaping my interpretation and helping me find the right emotional pitch. Makeup and costumes played their part too, making subtle adjustments, layer by layer, until I became Durwa. The synergy between these elements culminated in a perfect portrayal, breathing life into Durwa's existence on screen.

Working with renowned director Konstantin Bojanov must have been an enriching experience. What did you learn from him, and how did his direction influence your performance?

It was a pleasure working with Konstantin. Not only did he write a beautiful story, but every character in the film had a purpose. From the beginning, Konstantin was very clear with the script and what he expected from each character.

As a director, he is exceptionally calm and composed in addition to being very approachable. Whenever I had any doubts about my character, he was always there to provide guidance.

He treated every actor with equal zeal and gave us the space to explore. For Konstantin, it was more important to capture the perfect take, ensuring that every actor focused more on their performance regardless of the number of takes.

The film explores complex human emotions and relationships. What drew you to this project, and how did you connect with the narrative?

As an actor, I actively seek out unconventional roles that present challenges. That's precisely what captivated me about my character in the film “The Shameless!” Portraying a person vastly different from myself and bringing the character to life was both demanding and immensely gratifying.

My director, Konstantin Bojanov, provided me with clarity and vision, allowing me to grasp ‘Durwa’ holistically. I worked diligently to achieve the perfect tone and strived to maintain the delicate balance of the character-navigating Durwa's complexities while embracing her confrontational spirit and vulnerability.

You are an alumna of FTII, one of India's premier film institutes. How did your education shape your acting skills and approach to your craft?

My training in acting from FTII has played an essential role in my evolution as an actor. Discussing, debating and learning from imminent faculty, to understand each character on a deeper level.

It has helped me become more versatile, self-assured, and an informed performer. My primary motivation is always to seek out a good script. For me, both the role and the story are inextricable parts of any project. With every role I take on, I ensure that my body language and gait align with the personality of the character I portray. I truly become what I play, as my body becomes a storyteller.

Your co-actress won the Best Actress Award in the Un Certain Regard category, a historic moment for Indian cinema. What does her win mean for the Indian film community?

It is a historic moment and I very happy for Anasuya, and proud of all the adulation and appreciation the film and the entire team has received globally.

It’s means that with great script, a talented set of actors and director and producers and an exceptional cast and crew, who are ready to take a risk and take a chance, one can bring a great story to life and create magic on the screen.

When that happens, everyone in the audience will recognize and clap for you and your efforts.

I also strongly feel that we need diverse storytelling, movies that are women centric and has a strong sense of purpose and inclusion.

You have been part of various national and international projects. How does "The Shameless" stand out in your body of work, and what makes it special to you?

It's an honor to represent my film on such a prestigious platform and present it to the global audience. I am both happy and humbled by this opportunity.

To me, it's a significant achievement to showcase my work on such a grand stage. As an actor, you always aspire to reach a broader audience, allowing your work to be visible and appreciated. Being able to do so at a platform like Cannes, which is one of the biggest film festivals in the world, not only marks a proud moment for any actor but also reaffirms faith and confidence in oneself.

Your success in “The Shameless” has cemented your position as a rising star in the industry. How do you plan to leverage this momentum to take on more challenging roles and projects in the future?

I am very happy and blessed with the kind of roles that I have done so far, the characters that I have had the privilege to bring to life.

Being able to represent my film and my work at Cannes film festivals was definitely a feather in my cap. It not only marks a proud moment for any actor but also reaffirms faith and confidence in oneself.

This recognition has helped me make meaningful connections with people from across the globe and I look forward to collaborating with them and playing challenging, diverse characters that move hearts.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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