Cannes 2024: Palme d'Or for Meryl Streep

Renowned actress Meryl Streep graced the opening of the Cannes Film Festival in France on Tuesday, marking the beginning of an eventful celebration of cinema against the backdrop of notable directorial achievements and growing #MeToo influence within the French industry. Streep, alongside a constellation of Hollywood luminaries including directors George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola, descended upon the Cote d'Azur for the festival, which will run until May 25.

Addressing the audience with her signature wit, Streep, 74, humbly expressed her gratitude upon receiving the honorary Palme d'Or from French actor Juliette Binoche. "I'm just so grateful that you haven't gotten sick of my face," she quipped, capturing the affectionate rapport she shares with her admirers.

Coppola's much-anticipated epic, "Megalopolis," a saga drawing inspiration from Ancient Rome and transposing it into a contemporary narrative, headlines the list of 22 contenders vying for the coveted Palme d'Or. This year's jury, led by director Greta Gerwig of "Barbie" fame, will evaluate a diverse array of cinematic expressions, ranging from the sublime to the provocative.

Expressing her reverence for the festival's cinematic sanctity, Gerwig emotionally conveyed, "This is holy to me. Films are sacred, and I cannot believe that I'm getting the opportunity to spend the next 10 days in this house of worship."

Among the diverse entries competing for recognition are recent Oscar winner Emma Stone's collaboration with Yorgos Lanthimos in "Kinds of Kindness," Demi Moore's foray into horror with "The Substance," and Richard Gere's appearance in Paul Schrader's "Oh Canada."

Beyond the Palme d'Or competition, Wednesday will witness the world premiere of George Miller's latest addition to the Mad Max franchise, "Furiosa," while Kevin Costner returns to the Western genre with "Horizon: An American Saga."

In a touching tribute, Binoche, visibly moved, hailed Streep's transformative impact on the portrayal of women in cinema, emphasizing how she "changed the way we look at women." Streep, whose Cannes appearances are infrequent, recalled her previous visit in 1989 when she clinched the best actress award for "A Cry in the Dark." Reflecting on her journey, she remarked, "Thirty-five years ago when I was here last time, I was already a mother of three, I was about to turn 40, and I thought that my career was over. And that was not an unrealistic expectation for actresses at that time."

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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