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Selfie shortcut

Published Jan 31, 2018, 12:05 am IST
Updated Jan 30, 2018, 11:16 pm IST
The Roja composer’s novel app might just ease the lives of celebs everywhere.
Image from the maestro’s Facebook page for fans
 Image from the maestro’s Facebook page for fans

Celebrities don’t always have it easy. Be it requests for an autograph or a picture, they are constantly hounded wherever they go. And with today’s ubiquitous cell phones, selfies are the new craze.

Trying to find a solution to this insatiable demand for selfies by fans, music maestro A.R. Rahman, who has a following that runs into tens of millions, is experimenting with an app that would enable his fans to augment the musician’s reality into their own lives. The Roja composer’s novel app might just ease the lives of celebs everywhere. 

Rahman took to social media to write — “Other than music, the one thing people ask me often is to take selfies. While it’s fun to do it when I am outside bonding with fans, it’s also a hindrance to creativity. Thoughts and tunes come at random moments to me, while I am walking at the airport or while I am sitting in a lounge or dining at a restaurant. Instead of denying their request and feeling odd about it, the idea of an Augmented Reality (AR) photo app feels like such a blessing. I discussed the idea with Kaali Sudheer and Mani Shankar of Avantari to execute it.”

Rakesh Rajan, an ardent fan who involves himself in several of Rahman’s fan club activities, says, “It’s a boon to fans of Rahman sir. It’s the first of its kind, at least in India. It is not possible for every fan to get close to him and this is the best alternative to keep them happy.”

Noted artist and photographer AP Shreethar, who has successfully launched a unique 3D interactive Click Art and Live Art Museum in Chennai, says, “Rahman sir is a tech savvy person and launching an app for his fans to take selfies is a brilliant thought. Even people in remote villages can avail this great opportunity.”

But would millions of his fans be satisfied with an AR picture for their albums? Expressing their disappointment, some say that they are not going to be satisfied with the shortcut. “Personally, I would not be happy unless I can get close enough to sir one day to take a selfie,” says young fan Suchitra. 

Meanwhile, the jury is still out on an experiment that could be the first in the world by a celebrity. To his credit, Rahman is at least trying to please as many fans as he can.



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