Rihanna unfollows Jennifer Lopez

Is Drake to be blamed? JLo posts a photo of her cuddling Drizzy, confirms dating rumours.

Rihanna reportedly unfollowed Jennifer Lopez on Instagram after rumours that JLo is dating Drake started doing the rounds. RiRi had previously dated Drake. JLo, however, hasn’t unfollowed Rihanna. But she posted a photo of her cuddling with Drake.

Drake had attended JLo’s two concerts recently and also hosted a get together that JLo happened to attend, according to E! News.

Rihanna and Jennifer have been friends since a long time, and RiRi had gifted the latter with a pair of boots earlier this year. Jennifer decided to sport them in her hit song Ain’t Your Mama. The two exchanged sweet messages over this earlier. But things might change now.

( Source : Agencies )
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