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After Cannes, Sudha Reddy Sets Her eyes on Oscars and Grammys

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Published on: May 21, 2023 | Updated on: May 22, 2023
Sudha Reddy is naturally ecstatic about it. "It's an honour to be representing my city and country at such prominent global gatherings and cultural events, she says. (Image: DC)

Sudha Reddy is naturally ecstatic about it. "It's an honour to be representing my city and country at such prominent global gatherings and cultural events, she says. (Image: DC)

Sudha Reddy is a name to reckon with in the fashion circle. The Hyderabad based entrepreneur is also known for her philanthropic activities. She has been making the headlines in the recent past for making an appearance at several prestigious events. The director of Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited (MEIL) is now making heads turn at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival.

Sudha Reddy spoke to Deccan Chronicle before she jetted off to Cannes.

She's seen at every big event. MET Gala, White House Correspondents' Dinner and now Cannes,  Sudha Reddy is naturally ecstatic about it. "It’s an honour to be representing my city and country at such prominent global gatherings and cultural events," she says.

Sudha Reddy was the first South Indian woman to sit in the front row at the Paris Haute Couture Week. What was the experience like? "I couldn’t be more grateful. I am a great connoisseur of all things fashion, and haute couture has always held a special place in my heart. Witnessing such grandeur and grace at such close quarters is always a surreal and fun-filled experience," she says.

She feels that it’s time for India to take the world by storm and the idea behind her participation in such iconic events is to play a part in positioning India on the global cultural map, and promote Hyderabad’s identity as the mecca of luxury and fashion in the times to come.

Sudha Reddy is looking forward to hosting many cultural and social events in India, to highlight the creativity and innovation of the global community. After Cannes, she has her eyes ser on the Oscars and the Grammys. "I’ve always wanted to walk the red carpet the Oscars and Grammys, so maybe you’ll see me there next year!," she adds.

The Hyderabad based entrepreneur is known for her bold colored outfits. What does fashion mean to her? She says, "Fashion is a way of life and allows me to feel a sense of agency in my creative expression. Playing with colours, textures and bold silhouettes always feels like painting on a canvas, and it is a great source of inspiration to me in my time away from work."

Talking about her entrepreneurial journey, she says, "It’s been such a thrilling and challenging experience. I’m a hands-on homemaker as well as an entrepreneur, so every milestone is one to remember. There’s always more to do and more to learn, but with the grace of the almighty, I have had a blessed journey, for which I am truly grateful."

Quiz her about her contribution to MEIL's community outreach and social service initiatives, she says, "I have always believed that industries must be able to serve the societies that support them. Our nation and its people support our industrial efforts every day, and we must return the favour by giving back. I take great pride in MEIL’s outreach and CSR initiatives, which strive towards creating an equitable and accessible future for all Indians."

Elaborating on her philanthropic work and the impact Sudha Reddy Foundation has made, she says "The Sudha Reddy Foundation is guided by one core belief: that we are all part of the same family, and that together, we can change the world."

Through her foundation, she aims is to help build a future where every human being, regardless of their socioeconomic class, race, religion, gender identity, nationality or background is afforded the same rights and opportunities as their peers.

She has set a mission to guide, educate, uplift, and inspire the underprivileged and lend a voice to the voiceless, to equip them with the tools they need to achieve their true potential and create the future they deserve.

‘Through our many charitable and social outreach initiatives, we actively contribute towards equitable healthcare, education, and the welfare of women and children from underprivileged backgrounds," says Sudha Reddy.

Now a fashionista, she’s inspired by late Princess Diana, who always embodied the ideals of grace, beauty and intelligence. Sudha Reddy was drawn to the world of fashion and style since her teenage years, and even pursued an education in the field to bolster her knowledge of the art form.

And those who follow her on instagram know that she’s a globetrotter.

Her fashion sense is inspired by her travels to a great extent. However, she also adds, "Travel allows you to discover and experience new cultures and traditions. I believe my personal style is a fusion of the tastes of the world, with a quintessentially homegrown twist."

Sudha Reddy is also a fitness freak. Talking about her fitness regime, she says "I make it a point to exercise 2-3 times a week, and practice meditation as often as I can. I believe it’s important to have a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit."

What’s her take on spirituality. "Spirituality is something very personal, and I believe it’s different for every person. I’m an extremely religious person, and I like to balance traditional thought with modern learnings and enjoy best of both the worlds, she says."

She signs off with a message to all the women wanting to make their mark. "Keep shining bright, work towards your dreams everyday, and be the role model you have always dreamed of!"


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