A biopic on former President Abdul Kalam

The upcoming film will include actors from Hollywood and Bollywood and a leading actor could be playing Kalam's role.

The life of late former president and scientist, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, is an inspiring tale to tell. Who could have forgotten his child-like smile and his constant hunger for knowledge? Now, a biopic is being made on the legend’s life by producers Abhishek Agarwal and Anil Sunkara. Titled Dr. Abdul Kalam, this inspirational film is being made in English.

Elaborating on this ambitious project, Abhishek Agarwal says, “This is an international project and we have got author Raj Chengappa (who wrote the book Weapons of Peace) on board for our biopic. After acquiring the rights to the book, we started our ground work. We have incorporated dramatic elements to our screenplay. The biopic will concentrate on the life of Kalam sir and how he outsmarted the CIA in the Pokhran Nuclear test.”

Apparently, the pre-production work of the film, which is also touted to be a thriller, has been going on for nearly ten months. “We went to Abdul Kalam sir’s native to learn about his childhood days and his entire family supported us. They are excited to see the film’s output. In addition to his family, his friends were also happy in giving out details. We feel honoured to see our dream project getting such a mileage,” shares Abhishek.

When asked about the cast and crew, he reveals, “The film will include actors from both Hollywood and Bollywood. Currently, we are in talks with a leading actor to play the role of Dr. Abdul Kalam. The technical crew is on the verge of getting finalised and we will be announcing them in another 15 days.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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