64th Day Of Lockdown

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Entertainment Hollywood 13 Apr 2020 Actor Nick Cordero&# ...

Actor Nick Cordero's wife says, he is in 'very critical condition'

Published Apr 13, 2020, 9:26 am IST
Updated Apr 13, 2020, 9:26 am IST
He's been fighting with coronavirus like symptoms
Nick Cordero (Instagram)
 Nick Cordero (Instagram)

Canadian actor Nick Cordero has been fighting off a slew of ailments in recent weeks, having been placed in an intensive care unit and diagnosed with pneumonia while battling coronavirus-like symptoms.

According to Fox News, the Broadway actor's wife Amanda Kloots, took to Instagram on Saturday, and shared a video on her story to update fans on his health and said,


"We had really great progress and then yesterday, I got a phone call saying that Cordero had an infection in his lung, a new infection that caused his fever to spike way above normal, which caused his blood pressure to drop, which caused his heart to go into irregular patterns."

She continued, "He lost consciousness, he lost his pulse and they had to resuscitate him. It was very, very scary. They had a very hard time getting him back."

Kloots said that doctors successfully put Cordero on an ECMO machine to "help support his heart and his lungs."

She said that they were waiting "minute by minute" as "things were, again, going in a smooth way."

She said, "I got a phone call at 2:30 in the morning, they needed my consent to put him on dialysis to assist with his kidneys. Now he's on a ventilator, dialysis and this ECMO machine."

After being told that "things were really moving in the right direction," Kloots said that she "celebrated for a minute" before receiving another phone call, explaining that one of the ECMO's cannulas was stopping blood flow to his right leg, leading to immediate surgery.

"I just got a phone call that he's out of surgery, he made it out of surgery. He is alive" Kloots disclosed. "He is still in very critical condition. He is struggling, every minute counts right now."

Explaining that Kloots will be getting more information on Cordero's surgery soon, she also shared a written message on her story. She wrote, "I'm told the fact that he made it through the surgery is a win. We are taking any and all wins right now. Please keep praying. Tomorrow is Easter and I'm praying for a resurrection."

Previously, Kloots revealed to People magazine that despite testing negative for coronavirus twice, doctors are convinced that Cordero is fighting COVID-19, leading to a third test.