Sophie Perry shuts down trolls

In an Instagram post the 18-year-old explained that she’s fed up with the online hate.

Sophie Perry would like to mourn the loss of her father, Luke Perry, in peace. The 18-year-old responded to the backlash from social media trolls, who have been criticising her physical appearance as well as her grieving process. In her post, Sophie thanked those who have offered their condolences, but spent more time explaining that she’s fed up with the online hate, reports

“Since my dad died I have received a lot of attention online. And most of it has been positive but of course, some people just can’t be nice. And I’m here to say that I did not ask for this attention, I did not ask to be thrown into some virtual spotlight, and while I don’t mean to offend anybody, I’m also not going to cater to anyone else’s needs and beliefs (sic),” she captioned a selfie she posted on Instagram, adding, “If you knew my dad you would know he wouldnt want me to. So to those of you shaming me for my language and my wardrobe and most disgustingly, my grieving process, do us both the favor and just unfollow. It’s a waste of both of your time (sic).”

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