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Shibuya Kaho to be the guest of honour at Anime California 2019

Published Jul 12, 2019, 5:49 pm IST
Updated Jul 12, 2019, 5:49 pm IST
The guest of honour this year is Shibuya Kaho who has participated in several anime events including Anime Expo in Los Angeles.
Shibuya Kaho.
 Shibuya Kaho.

Mumbai: Cosplayers, artists, designers and anime lovers of California are eagerly waiting for the month of August as the city is set to host Anime California 2019. Attended by thousands of people from all over the USA and abroad, Anime California is an exciting convention that anime lovers from across the world look forward to. Not only is it a great place to showcase one’s talent, but it is also a great opportunity to meet some of the top artists in the field. The guest of honour this year is Shibuya Kaho who has participated in several anime events including Anime Expo in Los Angeles.

Born and brought up in Tokyo, Japan, this 28-year-old professional cosplayer has many titles under her belt. After 12 years of education in a private girls school, she went to Aoyama Gakuin University for her bachelor’s degree. She has worked in several fields in various capacities. From being a Japanese-English translator, teaching English and Japanese, to being a newspaper reporter for the Tokyo Sports, actress, and voice artist, Kaho Shibuya has achieved a great deal in a short period of time. She has a massive social media fan following as well as a popular YouTube channel. She has also acted in a number of adult films, earning herself a niche audience.

Coming from a well-settled family, Shibuya Kaho is the daughter of a highly respected doctor and a doting mother. Her family encouraged her to discover her passion and choose a career that she genuinely loves. This has helped Kaho develop a strong and resilient character, with a wide range of skill sets. After working in such a myriad of fields, the award-winning actress chose to pursue her undying love for cosplay. She is currently working on building her professional cosplaying career. She has written a number of articles on sports as well as various other topics and authored a novel as well. Adding a series of other milestones to her growth chart, she has also cleared several qualifying exams in childcare, worked in the translation and taught English and Japanese to non-native speakers, as well as teaching English to children.

Anime lovers of California and the USA are eager to see what the guest of honour, Shibuya Kaho has in store for them. Which character would she help bring to life and how detailed will her costume look for the three-day Anime California convention. It will witness participation from several local, national and international cosplayers who are already working hard to get their costumes and characters ready for the big event. There will be numerous other fun-filled activities, events and meet-and-greets which are sure to leave any anime fan gasping for air. Kaho Shibuya is all set to steal the lime light again and we are sure that she will surpass all expectations once again.