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Remembering KK

Deccan Chronicle.| Lipika Varma

Published on: June 3, 2022 | Updated on: June 3, 2022

Farah Khan pays tribute to the late singer



Farah Khan, at an awards function held at Abu Dhabi, spoke about the late singer KK and her plans for the future.

"I met KK in connection with Main Hoon Na. He sang for Chale jaise hawaiian and a couple of other small songs. And for Om Shanti Om we unanimously decided KK was the only person suited to sing Ajab si Ajab. He was such a lively guy. He was a real artiste. He cared only about singing. He was not from the industry. He never did any networking. He never wanted to take any song away from you. The last time I met him was at a TV show," said Farah, while remembering him.

When asked why it’s been a while since Farah has directed a film, she said, "This year I am planning to direct one. The last two years were affected by Covid. Now I have an itch to get on to making a film.

What is the genre of the film be? And the cast?

"My film will have drama, emotion and thrills. I haven’t planned the cast yet," she replied. Now the buzz is about pan-India films. What does the term mean for Farah?

"When I made Main Hoon Na, they told me it was Shah Rukh Khan’s first pan-India film. That means the film does well in A centres, as well as in B, C and D centres," she says.

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